Schrödinger’s President

Dworking Barimen commenting over at Richard Fernandez’ latest post over at The Belmont Club, Eat All You Can, remarks that the Obama presidency is much like Schrodinger’s cat.

Schrödinger’s Cat, you may recall was a thought experiment in which a hypothetical cat is sealed in a box with poison gas that had a 50/50 chance of killing the cat on any given minute.  Since the cat is sealed away an observer can’t know whether the cat is alive or dead until he opens the box.  Until the moment he does the cat is both alive and dead.  Here’s a little video to help visualize the experiment.

Consider it the Schrödinger’s Presidency; where Al-Qaeda can simultaneously be on the run and expanding throughout the world. Where we won in Afghanistan and the Taliban is poised to seize the country. Where we have a world free of nukes and every two-bit country is trying to arm up with nukes as quickly as possible. Where the world loves us now that we’ve elected the Great Healer and where we are a global laughingstock with rapidly diminishing influence, on the run from a relative handful of barbarians.

Where we are a free country and we have secret courts approving the secret seizure of the records of every American. Where Obama has the most transparent administration ever and is prosecuting whistleblowers under the Espionage Act at a rate never before seen. Where the economy is roaring back and where 4 out of 5 of us is on some kind of government assistance.

Just don’t open the box…

Or maybe he is just one with his duality.

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