From American Digest:

Here’s a small Syria question collection:

  • Exactly what chemical was it?
  • Who made it, or what is the guess of who made it?
  • Who ran the tests?
  • Were there tests?
  • Why didn’t we hear about these simple issues?
  • The video looked real, but Kerry started ranting about morality when the question would be answered by technical analysis, not morality.
  • Obviously if it’s real, and Assad did it, the points are true.
  • Did Assad do it?
  • Did Iran?
  • Did the rebels?
  • How do we know?

The Long War Journal has more questions (H/T The Belmont Club)

When will the proof be produced, and what is it? … Since the site of the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack is in territory that has been a rebel stronghold for months, is it reasonable for the US to have made this claim? … Is there a possibility that the Aug. 21 attack was an accidental hit — of chemical stocks belonging to either the regime or the rebels … Why is the US so quickly dismissing the UN investigative effort as too late … Is there a way to rule out the possibility, given the timing of the Aug. 21 attack, that it could have been perpetrated by rebel groups seeking to draw the US into a military intervention against the Assad regime? … What is the US’s endgame in Syria?

As to the last question, “What is the US’s endgame in Syria,” given this administration’s propensities, well, who knows?  It is entirely possible that no endgame has been envisioned short of “Send the bagman around for the payola and blame Bush.”

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