Now for the bad news

PJ Media has the story of the administration’s plan to nullify the Supreme Court’s June decision regarding voting rights:

Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday that the Justice Department will seek to recapture Texas and return it to federal oversight for approval of all election law changes such as photo voter identification. Holder’s move comes after the Supreme Court in June freed Texas and other states from the requirement that all state election laws be approved in Washington, D.C. Holder’s move prompted outrage from Texas Senators Ted Cruz, John Cornyn and Governor Rick Perry.

Well, there’s nothing surprising about that.  We knew they didn’t like the ruling and since it is in their power to contest it we all sort of knew they would.  This is a source of power for them, and the Left, when you get right down to it, is all about power: seizing it, augmenting it, wielding it and never letting the least iota of it go.

Here’s the shocker: “PJ Tatler has learned that staff at the RNC have been spending RNC donations plotting to do exactly what Eric Holder is seeking to do – return Texas and other states to federal oversight.”

According to RNC sources frustrated with the race-based effort, paid RNC consultant Tom Hofeller ( is spending RNC donations to develop race-based criteria to grab Texas and other states and place them back into federal receivership. The sources tell Tatler that nearly all of the members of the actual committee have been kept in the dark about this effort, and no mention is ever made in RNC fundraising efforts — for good reason, because GOP donors would be furious.


Hofeller, a long-time RNC consultant on redistricting, has devised ways to force several states back into federal receivership by amending the Voting Rights Act to grab states and force them to obtain Washington, D.C. approval. He is hopeful that Congressional Republicans will use his RNC-generated ideas to accomplish this goal.

Not unexpectedly, they deny it:

RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer is denying the claims made within this article, both via phone and by submitting comments below as “SeanS”.

Additionally, Tom Hofeller, mentioned in this article, claims via email that this article is “unequivocally false.”

PJ Media not only has 100% confidence in the accuracy of the article’s contents, we offered Spicer, via email, three additional questions for the RNC to answer regarding their denial:

1. Does RNC oppose a renewed Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, or is the story accurate that RNC consultants are working on a fix?

2. Does RNC oppose an amended Section 4?

3. Was RNC’s staff involved in the 2006 reauthorization of Section 5 — advocating amendment and higher burdens on states?

We stated that we would wait for their responses and would publish them in this article.

So don’t lose the link, I can hardly wait to see where this goes.

An interlocutor asked Dennis Prager, who, at last night’s dinner and lecture, said that the Republican Party is not ideological, “What is the Republican Party, then, what do they stand for?” (or words to that effect).  Dennis replied that Republicans simply identify themselves as ‘not Democrat,’ and don’t really differ from Democrats otherwise.  There is a reason they are called RINOs.

Would that I could say that is simply a matter of thoughtlessness, or inattention, or garden variety stupidity.  But the more I look at it I get the clear impression that it is conscious, deliberate position.  To all appearances the Republican Party has become the Washington Generals to the the Democrats’ Harlem Globetrotters, a stooge team, a feckless and necessary foil.

But is there really evidence for that outside their perennial bumbling ineptitude (as if more were needed)?  It would seem so.  It seems that they also cut a Federal Court deal with the Democrats back in the 1980’s NOT to fight vote fraud ever and anywhere, and renewed the consent decree in 2012. See US Third Circuit Court of Appeals case No. 09-4615 final order:

Will it be possible to purge the Party before the country has advanced to deeply into tyranny it can no longer extract itself by any means short of bloody revolution?

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