New ambassador to Libya appointed

Bridget Johnson at PJ Media has the story:

Today, only three senators showed up to the hearing to hear from the nominee President Obama picked to fill Stevens’ place.

A career diplomat, Deborah K. Jones is a former ambassador to Kuwait and also served at diplomatic posts in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, and Syria. Obama picked her in March to occupy the post left vacant by Stevens’ death in September, before new information to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee prompted the latest round of hearings.

I’ll admit that I would not want to be in her shoes, she’s got a tough row to hoe.  Representing the United States has become much more problematical under the Obama administration given their willingness to abandon America’s allies and appease her enemies.  The difficulties the administration has created for in that part of the world cannot be overestimated.  First, Obama’s foreign policy is in the midst of a catastrophic failure cascade.  Second, our relationship with Libya is particularly thorny.  Not only was our ambassador killed there, a huge embarrassment to any host nation, but the Libyan president came out right away and announced to the world that Ambassador Stevens’ death was the result of Al Qaeda related terrorism which the Obama administration publicly disputed immediately afterwards.

So here we have a nation that the United States had helped attack and depose their corrupt but ineffectual leader Muammar Gadaffy.  With US help a new regime is set up and that regime’s president puts his shaky credibility on the line by undermining Al Qaeda, a powerful and dangerous rogue element in his country, an element that is supposedly an enemy of America.  By undermining Al Qaeda he lends support to America, not well loved in the region to start with and rightly viewed as the puppet master that set him up.  So he stands up and calls it for America and immediately the entire foreign policy establishment in the United States, from top to bottom, publicly calls him a liar by promulgating the ridiculous ‘offensive video’ story over and over during a period of weeks.  Not only has the US humiliated an ally, they did it repeatedly, making our alleged ally’s task of stabilizing his own fractious government and establishing sound relations with the international community orders of magnitude more difficult.

So now Ambassador Jones has to earn the trust in a hostile nation where Ambassador Steven’s blood is still fresh (even though it was spilled a long time ago), whose president was made an international laughing stock by the US, where America’s prestige has been deeply eroded, where US foreign policy is in shambles and where Al Qaeda and related forces are still powerful and active.  Good luck, Ambassador Jones.  If anybody needs the prayers of the American people it’s you.

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