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The redoubtable Wretchard has a significant post over at The Belmont Club which is worth everyone’s attention.  The gist of it is this: the wheels are coming off Obama’s wagon, and that is a very dangerous thing not only for America, but the world.

The comments at the site are extensive and also worth your time.  In that dialogue (the comments) Wretchard, who participated in the fall of the Marcos regime, remarks:

“Violence is a real risk.”

Interestingly it all depends on how the senior Democrats handle the situation. The Republicans are out of the picture. If Obama resigns the next president will be Joe Biden. We can imagine Obama approached by the “Presidentiables”, i.e. Carter, Bill Clinton, Hillary, Gore and John Kerry who will propose Biden and going by history, an offer of a blanket pardon.

It won’t matter whether Obama is found to be a Kenyan, or a Saudi agent or if subsequent events reveal crimes on any scale. He’ll still get an all expense paid retirement and all the money he can spend. This is proper. Any feelings anyone might have about injustice must be set aside to preserve the civil peace. In a democracy political conflict is monetized. We don’t harm each other, we buy each other off.

Obama might accept a well deserved retirement, if faced with such a committee.

The problem will be those lower down. The pardons cannot cover his underlings, who if they have anything to hide, can only expect to be thrown to the wolves in the aftermath. Those underlings are underlings because they never anticipated this day may come.

If they face actual major jail sentences or worse then it is from this quarter that real desperation may come. You can bet your boodle they are waiting, and whispering in corners and sweating it out with bated breath to see if their boss will survive.

To complicate matters one of the Presidentiables might themselves need a pardon. But that might be handled in other ways. How does Vice President Hillary Clinton sound to you? I have a feeling Bill guessed it might come to this, so he cleared Hillary out of the administration so some of the stains might come off.

The point is that no one who can make major trouble can be left twisting in the wind. Everyone must be “fixed”. No fix, no deal. If everybody’s happy, then Obama might see the attractions of a prolonged golfing holiday in Oahu.

What could go wrong? For one, they will all be spying on each other. The least secure telephone number in Washington right now must be Joe Biden’s. Remember NSA metadata? That metadata will show whether Hillary, Bill, Kerry, Jimmy or Al or all of the above have suddenly become phone pals. And if they call Joe Biden, well maybe they’re planning a picnic.

That will be the first signal that something is up. How would he react to news that feelers are being bruited about? Not well I think.

But to answer the question: “is violence a real risk”? Well that depends on your opinion of the Democrats, on your appreciation of their integrity and moral fiber.

It will depend on them since this whole thing will happen on their side of the fence. The Republicans will have to sit this one out. If the Republicans come in at any stage, it will mean the Democrats have failed to resolve things and the fat is in the fire.

However, this is all premature speculation. Obama is nowhere near this point yet. Give it a few days and maybe the situation may change. But biggest beef in any event will be: how did it come to this?

How did it come to this?  I suspect we all have our ideas, but the real reasons will never be known in full.

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