Red flag laws are evil

The recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton have once again brought out both America’s compassion for victims and the Left’s endless thirst to create more victims by disarming us.  Suddenly the left is pushing  “common sense solutions” that involve depriving us of our natural and Constitutional rights.

According to the Gun Violence Archive there have been 33,986 shooting incidents in the US this year with over 9,000 deaths and almost 18,000 injuries.  There have been over 1500 shootings in Chicago this year,  but because these are overwhelmingly non-whites slaughtering non-whites nobody gives a damn.  Similar numbers obtain for the most violent cities in the country: St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Los Angeles and the list goes on.  All are hotbeds of gun control and decades of Democrat only kleptocratic rule.  You don’t hear our self appointed moral superiors mentioning that either.

If these mighty hand wringers aren’t concerned about the welfare of the citizens, why the crocodile tears?  Because they fear that an armed citizenry would interfere with their plans to turn America into a one party collectivist totalitarian police state where Mao’s dictum “political power comes from the barrel of a gun” and they have all the guns.  These “common sense” measures; more background checks, more gun registrations, more ammo control and red flag laws; are more steps in that direction.

I grant you that these people who commit mass shootings are sick in the head, mentally ill.  For sure mental illness is huge problem in this country which too few people are trying to address.   Much of this was set up by LBJ’s Great Society which mandated the breakup of the family.  Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote a scathing report about this in 1965 in which he lamented that out of wedlock births among the negro population had skyrocketed to 25%.  Today out of wedlock births to blacks is 78%, Latinos 53% and Whites 35%, which means that almost half the entire population is bereft of the civilizing influence of an intact family.

Something else that nobody wants to talk about is the fact that we have the Democrats to thank for all these loons wandering around, it was they who ended involuntary commitment on humanitarian and civil rights grounds and closed all the psych hospitals.  Deprived of places where they could be contained and cared for they wander our streets, incompetent, incontinent, unsupervised and self medicating on crack,meth and God knows what else.

These proposed Red Flag laws are designed to be abused.  A few years back we had the phenomenon of SWATing, in which an anonymous caller would call the police and report that someone at a given address was in the process of murdering a family member.  The police would send a SWAT team over, bust the door down and go in shooting.  Presumably under the Red Flag they would send the SWAT team over, ring the doorbell at 5AM and simply confiscate the victim’s guns.  So far only a few home owners have been shot.

Are you comforted yet?  Then how about this, if Leftist lunatics are willing to confront and dispense violence against MAGA hat wearers will they be more or less willing to call in a Red Flag report on some Deplorable they’ve taken a dislike to?  You get three guesses and the first two don’t count.  So you’d best be on your best behavior and keep your opinions to yourself because you never know when some self righteous commie snitch might call a Red Flag party at your house, and you’ll have no idea who it was, even if you survive it.  You might have your suspicions, and turn about is fair play, opening up an endless cycle of denunciation and retaliation.

Back in 2016 Trump quite properly ran against Red Flag laws.  Yesterday he said he was considering supporting them.  The GOP in Congress, quite predictably, has permitted itself to be stampeded into going along with the Commicrat’s calls for them.  Huh, you’d almost think they had no principles, including upholding and defending the Constitution they all swore to uphold and defend.  If some such federal law passes Congress, as seems  likely, and lands on the President’s desk, he might just sign it.  If he does that the Donks will take the White House in 2020.

Then it’s Кэти bar the door.

Truth will set you free

The Good Book tells us that the truth will set you free.  That it will first make you miserable is not much discussed save among those who recognize that they are not free and desperately wish to be so.  Shackles of the mind are always antecedent to shackles of the flesh.  Living in freedom is a constant discipline of crucifying the flesh, that is, subordinating it to the truth.  This is true for individuals and organizations from families, to companies, to nations.

The war that recently erupted between President Trump and Representative Cummings is happening precisely because Trump told a truth about Cummings’ district in Baltimore.  Baltimore is a disaster.  Upon hearing this, to no one’s surprise, Cummings and his cronies immediately got miserable.  The entire orchestra of wailing and gnashing of teeth is an exercise in attempting to silence, in this case, Trump the truth teller in preference to embracing the cross.

Embracing the cross means accepting responsibility, in the immortal words of W.C. Fields, “Take the bull by the tail and face the situation.”  Nobody likes that, and nobody likes that less than politicians, and among politicians none hate it so much as those who have colluded for years in creating, maintaining and amplifying  the situation.  Cummings and the Democrats had the chance, still have it, to admit the truth rather than fight to keep their cover from being pulled.

But Trump yanked the covers off Baltimore and now Baltimore, and Cummings and the Donks, are exposed to national humiliation.  Their first response was to restore their cover by crying Racism!  If you didn’t know it, racism is the new wolf.  All it really means is “I don’t like the truth you told so I’m going to call you names till I make you cry and run home because I don’t have a rational counter argument so I’ll pretend to be morally superior so shut up, you bad man.”  But Trump won’t cry, won’t run home and won’t shut up.

But even while the spotlight’s pitiless glare exposes the horror that is Baltimore the Left still tries to keep some part of the situation under wraps.  Dr. Ben Carson, Trump’s HHS Secretary, went to Baltimore to help continue to keep daylight shining in that dark and awful place.  NPR covered the story, but interestingly they left out part of Dr. Carson’s remarks.

Dr. Carson suggested that an important part of the solution to Baltimore’s problems should be handled at the individual level.  But his recommendation doesn’t fit the Narrative that 1. Government is the solution for every problem and 2. the values of the sexual revolution are the only  values.   Here is Dr. Carson’s solution to poverty that anyone can work on the individual level:

1. Finish High School.

2. Get married.

3. Don’t have children until you have accomplished #2.

This is what needs to be promoted in our schools.  Instead we have the LGBQT-whatever-the-hell agenda being shoved down everybody’s throat.  Yes, it promises easy and consequence free sex – but it is a trap and a train wreck for the individual and for society.

NPR, a wholly owned subsidiary of Commies-R-Us, doesn’t want us to know the fundamental truth of happiness in this life: the disciplines of accomplishment, faithful love, and family.