WARNING: Possible inclement internet weather ahead

As the enemies of the American Republic work on consolidating their power it is possible that the internet may be compromised.  I don’t say that it definitely will, nor when.  But it may be that in the next few days the internet may be wholly unavailable or only allow you to see sites containing “approved” propaganda.  I doubt very much that you will be able to reach this site in that event.

Do not panic either now or if and when it happens..  This will be a temporary situation.  In war enemies try to disrupt enemy communications.  There is a great unseen struggle underway, so this is expected.

Remember, we win, they lose.

Riot in DC – give me a break

We are being told that the riot in Washington DC on the 6th is some kind of monstrous attack on democracy, the rule of law and the Constitution.  We are told that nothing like this has been seen before, that is is evil because it was incited by Orange Man Bad and that consequently we can’t wait less than two weeks for his term to expire – he must be removed now!  This is unprecedented!  This is insurrection!  Nothing so terrible has ever happened before!  The wailing and gnashing of teeth is so great they are practically handing out earplugs and calling in special sweepers to clean up the tooth enamel chips on the floor.  What an absolute load of crapola.

LORD, give me strength!

As riots go, the one in DC on the 6th was miserable failure.  Three, possibly four people killed, two medical emergencies, and one unarmed female Air Force veteran shot by the Capitol police.  There was no looting.  Nobody was walking out with big screen TVs.  No fires were set.  No one was assaulted.  There was no destruction of property other than a couple of windows.  Although pallets of bricks and tanks of propane were invitingly scattered around DC nobody was throwing anything.  There was some unruly behavior and some voices were raised, and that was it.

Does no one remember the events surrounding the Kavanaugh hearings?  Does no one remember the “peaceful protests” that have been ongoing variously in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Kenosha and elsewhere?  The DC event was a real peaceful protest, these others were systematic, planned attacks on our nation.  Even so we had spineless Republicans wilting all over the place.  They couldn’t get in line to surrender fast enough.  Dear Jesus, why does my party have to be the party not only of stupid but of surrender?  Has somebody been giving these guys Insta-Quit suppositories?  Don’t even have to insert, just whisper the name and they instantly get the Hershey squirts.

How things have changed.  Our ancestors knew how to riot, and in fact the USA could not have existed without them.  Consider the Stamp Act of 1765:

The Stamp Act Riots
Look back at the colonial protests that laid the groundwork for the American Revolution a decade later.
Andrew Oliver could have been excused if he didn’t feel very welcome in his hometown of Boston. After awaking on August 14, 1765, the wealthy 59-year-old merchant and provincial official learned that his effigy was hanging from a century-old elm tree in front of Deacon Elliot’s house. After dusk, angry Bostonians paraded Oliver’s likeness through the streets and destroyed the brick building he had recently built along the waterfront. In case Oliver still hadn’t received the hint, the mob beheaded his effigy in front of his finely appointed home before throwing stones through his windows, demolishing his carriage house and imbibing the contents of his wine cellar.

Oliver had become the public’s enemy after news arrived from England weeks earlier that he would be responsible for the local implementation of a reviled law imposed by the British government—the Stamp Act. Approved by Parliament on March 22, 1765, the measure imposed a tax on all printed materials for commercial and legal use—including wills and deeds, newspapers, pamphlets and even playing cards—as a means to pay for the deep debt Great Britain had incurred protecting the American colonies from French and Native American forces during the Seven Years’ War, which ended in 1763. The Stamp Act also denied offenders a trial by jury because colonists had a habitual tendency to find their smuggling peers not guilty.

The Stamp Act was the first direct tax on internal commerce, rather than a duty on external trade goods, imposed on the American colonies, and it had colonists who believed that only their own representative assemblies could levy direct taxes in an uproar. When news of the Stamp Act arrived in May, newly elected Patrick Henry railed against the law in the Virginia House of Burgesses and led the adoption of the radical Virginia Resolves, which denied the right of an unrepresentative Parliament to tax the colonies. In Boston, opposition moved from fiery rhetoric to inflamed violence, fanned by a secret organization known as the Loyall Nine. The clandestine group of artisans and shopkeepers printed pamphlets and signs protesting the tax and incited the mob that ransacked Oliver’s house.

The Stamp Act commissioned colonial distributors to collect a tax in exchange for handing out the stamps to be affixed to documents, and Oliver, without his knowledge, had been appointed the distributor for Massachusetts. The day after his property had been destroyed, Oliver resigned a position he never asked for and one he never held, since the Stamp Act wasn’t due to take effect until November 1.

The resignation, however, didn’t douse the violent protests in Boston. On August 26, another mob attacked the home of Oliver’s brother-in-law—Lieutenant Governor Thomas Hutchinson. The rioters stripped the mansion, one of the finest in Boston, of its doors, furniture, paintings, silverware and even the slate from its roof.

Similar riots broke out in seaports from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to Savannah, Georgia, and forced the resignations of crown-appointed officials. Mobs turned away ships arriving from Great Britain with stamp papers. The Loyall Nine expanded and became known as the Sons of Liberty, which formed local committees of correspondence to keep abreast of protests throughout the colonies. In October, delegates from nine colonies traveled to New York to attend the Stamp Act Congress, which drafted a “Declaration of Rights and Grievances” that affirmed that only colonial assemblies had the constitutional authority to tax the colonists. Merchants in seaports such as Boston, New York and Philadelphia united to boycott British imports, which prodded British merchants to lobby for the Stamp Act’s repeal.

The intimidation campaigns and boycotts worked. When November 1 arrived, the mass resignations of the stamp distributors impeded the administration of the tax. In many parts of the colonies, printers proceeded with business as usual. When it proved impossible to implement the Stamp Act, Parliament repealed it almost a year to the day after it had approved it. However, it also passed the Declaratory Act to reaffirm its authority to pass any legislation impacting the colonies.

When news of the Stamp Act’s repeal reached Boston in May, the Sons of Liberty returned to the elm tree from which they had dangled Oliver’s likeness, this time to hang celebratory lanterns, not effigies, from its mighty boughs. Every year on August 14, the Sons of Liberty gathered under the shade of the elm, which they christened the “Liberty Tree,” to commemorate the 1765 protest.

The issue of taxation without representation continued to fray the relations between the American colonies and the mother country over the next decade until war broke out in 1775. During that summer, British soldiers and Loyalists under siege in Boston took axes to the Liberty Tree and chopped it into firewood. Although the tree was missing when the patriots returned to Boston after the British evacuation, they still gathered around its stump on August 14, 1776, to commemorate the protest from 11 years earlier that was one of the first rebellious steps on the path to revolution.

The Sons of Liberty also never forgot Andrew Oliver, whose reputation improved little among Boston’s patriots after becoming lieutenant governor in 1770. When Oliver passed away four years later, a Sons of Liberty delegation was at his graveside to give three cheers as his coffin was lowered into the ground.

Those guys knew hot to throw a riot, today’s Republicans couldn’t have gotten us to Concord and Lexington, much less Valley Forge and Yorktown.  Shame!  Shame!  Shame!

Meanwhile over at Vox Day,

Apparently Sarah Hoyt is the only non-cuck at Instapundit.

  • When Democratic Party leaders find excuses for left-wing violent protesters and condemn right-wing protesters, one can understand their motives. They see left-wing protesters as being “on their side” and the right-wing protesters as “the enemy.” When Republican Party leaders find excuses for left-wing violent protesters and condemn right-wing protesters, it’s hard not to draw the conclusion that they, too, see the left-wing as “on their side” and the right-wing as “the enemy.”
  • For years I’ve told the left that when they used fraud to win, they’d broken the feedback mechanism.  It didn’t mean their ideas were winning, that people agreed with them, or that they were safe. It was the equivalent of breaking the fire alarm and thinking they were safe from fires. What I never expected was to hear the right condemn the people trying to break out of the burning building, because they don’t hear any fire alarms.
  • The same government that scrutinizes all our actions on a daily basis and presumes we’re guilty until proven innocent, when questioned by the people about the obvious flaws and issues of the elections refused any examination and told us that everything was fine, or if not, we had no standing. We should just trust their word over our lying eyes. Next thing you know, they’ll tell us to eat cake.
  • And for the record, no, I will not condemn the protesters. Should they have gone into the Capitol? I don’t know. Why shouldn’t they have? It’s not like they went and hanged the corruptocrats using their own intestines as ropes. They might — or might not. Really, do you trust the reporting? In this time, in this place? — have broken windows. And then walked, carefully between the ropes? Sure, why not. Let’s roll with that narrative.  They might have made a mess of Nancy Ice Cream Pelosi’s office. Maybe. Again…. reporting? You know what they didn’t do? They didn’t kill anyone. That was reserved for someone who shot through a door sidelight at a protester.  You know what else they didn’t do? Use live ammo.  You know what else they didn’t do? Trample the flag, which the capitol police did, while being begged not to. You know what else they didn’t do? shine lasers in cops eyes, set fire to the building, loot it, or shoot fireworks at people. Spare me your pearl clutching. How do you propose we get our republic back if demonstrations are “rude?” When they committed blatant fraud in two elections, right before our eyes, and thereby abolished the representative part of the republic, and with it the constitutional part, what are you going to do? Write them strongly worded letters? Or wait till they fraud 2022 just as blatantly, while you stand around being utterly stunned? It’s time to ditch the Marquis de Queensberry rules.  It’s time to stop fighting with our feet in a bucket. Yes, what happened today was very very bad. Yes, it means that what comes next will probably come with a butcher’s bill.
  • You know, I do wonder why the Sons of Liberty bothered to attack the British. And why the founding fathers had an army.  I mean, couldn’t they have asked the tyrant, politely, to just remove the foot from their neck and give them representation. Oh, wait, they tried that, just like we tried the courts. Curiously, it didn’t work. It’s almost like those in power don’t care what you say, if you can’t do anything to remove their power.

People are waking up.  What happened in DC was just a small manifestation of what has been happening all over the country.  People know the election was stolen.  They know, as we know, that the powers and authorities that are supposed to rectify the fraud are in the pockets of the fraudsters.  People are very, very angry about it.  Now the Marxists are calling for the expulsion of Trump supporters from the House and the Senate, and “‘cleansing’ America of Trump supporters.

This “election” was the greatest steal, the greatest psyop (psychological operation) in history.  It must not be allowed to stand else the last halfway honest (and not all that honest, truth be told) election will have been in 2016.  More and more info is coming out all the time, and its hard to keep up.  But it will not stand if Patriots will not stand for it.  It is not over, and may well not be over until after the 20th.  Meanwhile things are going to be a confused mess, which we will just have to pray our way through.  We must pray not only for our country, but for each other.

Assault on the Capitol

A lot of dirt is coming out in the wash.  Mike Pence has shown himself a traitor.  Many Republicans have shown themselves traitors of late, Pence is just the latest.  Not everything is clear yet, but things are snapping into focus.  Bottom line: today President Trump folds or raises, no other options.

I don’t think he anticipated how swift and brutal the assault on the Capitol would be though I think the rally was planned as bait to provoke an overreaction from the left.  There has been an ongoing coup against the President since before his election four years ago.  Even before that the entire eight years of Immaculate Barry’s reign was a set up to push the US into the clutches of the Neo Marxist globalists, the Hildebeast was supposed to finish the job.  Oops!  Too bad, Felonia, in hindsight it looks like Dominion dropped the ballots.

At this point if things had been allowed to proceed normally after the election was stolen, Congress would have certified the election for Quid Pro Joe the Cathay Kid, and it would have been pretty much over with.  Probably the President had some plan after this, but it would likely have been pretty desperate.  For sure we knew that Trump is a fighter and a patriot, and would not voluntarily allow the United States to become a Chinese client state no matter what.

Oh, incidentally, as of two days ago President Pooh Jinping has ordered the Chinese armed forces to be ready for war at a second’s notice.  No need to wonder any more what that’s about.  Couldn’t get a better chance to grab Taiwan than while the US is undergoing internal convulsions.  Is he confident enough that he’ll pull the trigger?  We’ll see.

Maybe I should be more careful what I say about our new would-be overlord.  Nah!

Note the jump in the blue tally at about 11:00

So what happened today?  It looks to me that Trump set out bait and the left just had to take it, because that’s just how they are.  The Donks have just “won” the runoff election in Georgia using the same crooked system as on November 3rd.  We know the Dominion machines are rigged, the mail in ballots are fakes and the counting still didn’t have any Republican observers.  This despite Trump’s call to Georgia’s Secretary of State letting him know that he had all the evidence of fraud and begging him to come clean and play straight.  Nope, they think victory is in their grasp and they aren’t going to let it get away from them, especially when the fraud is so GOOD!

They were on the point of certifying for Beijing Biden, all they had to do was follow through on that.  But knowing the nature of his enemies Trump set a trap for them, and they fell for it.  There was no reason for Trump to call the rally, it would not have served to slow down the certification process or otherwise advance his agenda.  As far as anyone outside his inner circle knew he was done, toast, on the brink of being dragged out the the White House, arrested and set up for trial.  So why the rally?

Your Irascible Correspondent believes the rally was bait.  The Marxist Globalists had no idea why he was calling the rally, only that Trump believed that it would aid him in some way, even though they couldn’t figure out how.  So they had to find a way to spoil it.  Plus, as Trump has a large an enthusiastic following whose influence would persist for some time after he was gone, they could use the opportunity to discredit what they call Trumpism.  “Trumpsim,” they likely thought, “would hinder our plans for subduing America, so it would be to our benefit to cut the legs out from under them as we did with the Tea Party.  That way we can kill two birds with one stone, spoil Trump’s plan and undermine Trumpism.”

So they infiltrated their hired goons into the Patriot crowd and then assaulted the Capitol pretending to be Patriots.  No, Gentle Reader, this is not mere speculation.  For one thing, as of this writing at least one prominent Capitol invader has been identified as a Black Lives Matter rioter, as per the Twitter image on the left.  Also, the tactics used by the Capitol invaders were exactly the same kinds of tactics used by the Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

No conservative group, not the Proud Boys nor any other group, ever acted in this manner.  Finally, according to a former FBI agent on the ground at the US Capitol, at least one bus load of Antifa goons infiltrated the Trump rally as part of a false flag operation.  More will be revealed in coming days, I’m sure.

Meanwhile traitors in both the Demoncrat and Republican Parties are calling to the President’s immediate removal by, as I read it, both impeachment and by invoking the 25th Amendment.  Twitter censored then removed the President’s tweet calling for his supporters to go home and peace on the streets, then locked his account.  Cell phone blockers have been deployed around the White House preventing cell phone service to those within.  The President is seemingly isolated and under siege.  He appears helpless and defeated.  He understands that we are at war, and in war many stratagems are used to induce your enemy to make a mistake you can exploit.  The President is not defeated, and neither are American Patriots.

Your Irascible Correspondent remains confident that the President will prevail.  America will prevail.  It is going to be a longer, more arduous slog than any of us would like.  We will endure it, we will toil and suffer and hope and pray, and ultimately we will win.  Meanwhile keep your chin up the old aspidistra flying.

I’ve got Georgia on my mind – and so does President Trump

Here is the full recording to the President’s call with the Georgia Secretary of State yesterday, January 2nd.  It sounds to me like the GA authorities are stonewalling, believing, wrongly, that the President won’t win reelection and they’ll be off the hook and rewarded by their paymasters.  At this point the President is respecting the 10th Amendment, urging them to do what is right in view of the electoral anomalies mentioned, and about which we all know.  It also seems to me that this guy in now on record and on tape; if he doesn’t cooperate he will be hung out to dry in the aftermath.  Click the image to hear the audio recording.

Next, a couple of plugs for local rallies on January 6th.  I can’t promise that they will be as wild as whatever the President has lined up in DC, but I don’t want to miss the fun entirely.   Click to enlarge.

Sacramento and Los Angeles
Orange County


Lin Wood names names

Anonymous Conservative gives us news update on Lin Wood’s interview with the ThriveTime Show Firseide Chat podcast.  Below are some of the highlights from Anonymous Conservative, but it might also be worth your while to review the show notes with links at the Fireside Chat page.

A sealed document in a federal court in Maryland, sealed under National Security, documents how Nancy Pelosi, Rod Rosenstein, John Podesta, and John Brennan have tapes of John Roberts talking with Podesta about who would best replace Antonin Scalia, and they were recorded before Scalia died, and apparently had foreknowledge of his death. Roberts flew on Epstein’s plane because Epstein helped him acquire his children from Wales.

Barack Obama is worth well over billion dollars, much inherited from his step-father who owned it in Halliburton stock.

Many people in this country will go to jail for treason, and the number that will be just associated with trying to steal this election from our President will be astounding.

He predicts a violent period of civil unrest as the Cabal tries to engage in violence as part of their Color Revolution plan, just like we have seen overseas, after Trump wins the Presidency.

He believes the Governor of Georgia has been taking kickbacks on Georgia purchases of Dominion voting machines and Chinese PPE orders. And the death of Harrison Deal in a car wreck, which produced an explosion that was heard by witnesses a mile away, was a message to him.

Pat Cipillone, the disloyal White House lawyer trying to thwart President Trump at every turn, drives a new luxury vehicle to the White House every two days, including a Rolls Royce.

Rosenstein, Sally Yates, and Christopher Wray all worked in the same law firm, and are corrupt.

CIA is the most corrupt organization in the country, and President Trump is about to defang them by pulling all direct-action operational capabilities from the Agency, reducing it to an organization of paper pushers. Oddly enough President Kennedy was about to do that when he was killed, and the memo, named “Memorandum 45,” sat on his desk unsigned. Lin implies President Trump set it in motion by signing that very memo.

Bill Gates is going down as well.

George Bush 41 and 43, Bill and Hillary, and Obama all ran crime families, and they ran them out of the Oval Office. He said he believes the notes given at Bush 41’s funeral said, “I’m sorry, but they know it all.”

Under the 2018 EO on voting integrity, President Trump will have the power to seize all the assets of the Fake News mainstream media once things start happening, because they have profited from trying to aid China in voter fraud.

He also points out there were reports of gunfire before the bombing, and that it is inconsistent with a lone bomber, and might indicate good guys killed the bomber before he positioned the bomb appropriately, and that is why the bomber failed to destroy the “evidence” he was trying to destroy.

Lin says he believes if the election is shown to be fraudulent, all down-ballot elections may have to be re-held.

President Trump will prove to be the greatest President in the history of the United States.


Dominion voting machines hacked live at Georgia Senate hearing

The guy is really a genius.  Here he is explaining how to test if a ballot is a real ballot or a knockoff, courtesy of whatafinger.com.  Wouldn’t be that hard if We the People went over there and offered to tar and feather anyone who thought they might stop us.  Maybe some day soon Americans will relearn the lesson that we don’t beg our elected officials to do their duty, we instruct then on what their duty is and demand obedience, or else.

Rudy’s ready to drop the bomb

And not a moment too soon.

My money says that this is only the opening salvo and that there’ll be more to come, especially in view of this:

I’ll be stocking up on popcorn. Food, water and ammo I already have.   I hope you do too.   When it all breaks loose just stay out of the way, they’re not after you.   Don’t forget to pray a lot. Remember: in the end we win, they lose.


On the President’s Dec. 18 meeting in the Oval Office

On December 18 President Trump had a meeting in the Oval Office with some of his lawyers, General Flynn and Sidney Powell.  Also present at the meeting was Patrick Byrne who details the meeting in an interview with Tracy Beanz and her co-host on the Dark to Light podcast.  This is required listening for every patriot.  Warning: there is a bit of cursing, not much, but its there.  Given the nature of the situation being spoken of I am surprised there is not more, it is that shocking.  The President needs our support, our prayers and out encouragement.

Click on the the image to go to the interview

Vaccine or therapeutic medication: pick one

“Therapeutic meds for the WuFlu, you say?  What meds?  Why would we need a therapeutic medication  when we have a vaccine?”

I’m glad you asked!  I answer, why do we need a vaccine when we have therapeutic medications?

The point of a vaccine is to introduce a semi-dead pathogen directly into the bloodstream so that the body’s immune system can “learn” it in an inactive state so as to later recognize it and attack it should it appear in a live state.  Some vaccines are very successful and have been used routinely for decades: Scarlet fever, whooping cough, smallpox, polio are virtually unknown in America precisely because of a universal program of preventive vaccinations.  A few years ago a vaccine against ebola was successfully developed and deployed against a very serious outbreak of that horrible disease in the Congo.

Sometimes vaccines don’t work as advertised.  The Salk vaccine against polio initially used polio germs that weren’t quite dead enough, prompting a serious outbreak.  Fortunately that problem was quickly recognized and solved.  But the problem of vaccines tainted in various ways remains and has grown more controversial in recent years.  The problem seems to stem from the fact that so many ingredients are added to the dose that don’t seem to have any relation to the pathogen against which they are supposedly directed.  For example, many modern vaccines contain human cells obtained from aborted fetuses prompting moral concerns.  Some vaccines contain traces of other substances such as aluminium,  which is not an element that is part of mammalian at all.

Vaccines today contain all kinds of substances whose effects on human bodies are not well understood and are often not disclosed to the intended recipients.  It is only after the fact that undesired consequences appear – at that point it is too late to do anything about it.  It is exactly this which has ignited the anti-vax movement.  There is good reason to be skeptical of more modern vaccines, including the the various “Warp Speed” vaccines developed to address the Covid-19 plannedemic.

First, Congress some years ago passed a law exempting vaccine companies from liability for the adverse reactions to the vaccines they manufacture and sell.  There are no consequences for these companies for the harm they might do.  This is a BIG red flag.  Second, vaccines take years to test so as to be able to ascertain the long term effects of receiving receiving them.  The current crop of Covid-19 vaccines all skipped the animal trials and went straight to very limited and not entirely successful human trials; we have no idea what the long term effects might be.  This is a HUGE red flag.

Now they propose to roll these vaccines out to the general public despite the problems that have been encountered.  Problems which medical experts have warned about, and for which many have been silenced and even imprisoned.  Taking the vaccine is supposed to be voluntary, yet there are calls to limit freedom of movement, employment, education and even commerce unless people can present papers certifying having been vaccinated.  And of course the virus will mutate, as is reported in the UK and South Africa, necessitating a new round of vaccinations in the near future.

Click to play.  UPDATE: It appears that this nurse, Tiffany Pontes Dover age 30, died 10 hours after receiving the vaccine and was buried in her native place, Higdon, De Kalb County, AL.  A video debunking the death presented a young woman with different eye color and a different part in her hair.  

These vaccines are touted as being 90% to 95% effective, but we are not told what the criteria for evaluating effectiveness is.  Does it mean that it has no adverse effect at all, or does it mean that a certain level of adverse effects are acceptable and thus the thing can be said to be effective anyway?  How stupid do these people think we are that we will gladly accept a 5% to 10% chance of becoming sick, or medically crippled for life or even dead rather than risk contracting a disease which we stand a 99.plus% chance of surviving and for which we have multiple effective therapeutics?

Unlike a vaccine, a therapeutic works by interrupting the virus’ attack or the body’s reaction to the virus’ attack.  The WuFlu virus attacks the tissues in the lung that enable the transfer of oxygen to the red blood cells and the transfer of carbon dioxide from the blood which is exhaled.  The virus attaches to the target cell, invades it and hijacks it to endlessly make copies of itself until the target cell bursts releasing more of the virus on adjacent cells.  These attacks compel these tissues to exude fluid to sheathe the cells and protect them from the virus.  Unfortunately that coating prevents contact between the air in the lung and the blood, cutting off the transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide.  This results in coughing to clear the fluid in the lungs, shortness of breath and ultimately death by  asphyxiation.

A therapeutic medication halts the attack of the virus by blocking the handle that the virus uses to attach to the cell it is attacking.  Alternately, it disrupts the virus’ coating causing it to lose its physical integrity and collapse.  In either case the virus is unable to affect its target cells which continue to function normally.  In the first case the live virus becomes just one of thousands of inert viruses that inhabit the human body; in the latter it gets taken out with the body’s trash removal system.

The one great advantage of therapeutic medications over vaccines is that should your body have an adverse reaction you can vomit it out.  Once they give you the shot there’s no taking it back.

Here again is Karl Denninger to discuss the efficacy of therapeutic drugs and how to put an end to Covid-19 in ONE WEEK.

I truly don’t know how much more-clear I can make it than this.  I understand people don’t read any more, and they certainly don’t do their own research.  Damn near all I do is read when someone tells me something is true; I never take it at face value, especially when, if I’m wrong, I might be dead.  I don’t care how many letters you have after your name; with 40 years of writing code for money under my belt I’ve known far too many PhDs who’s degree had its best and highest use as birdcage liner.

Eight minutes is all I ask folks.  All the government’s data, not mine. A Medical School’s (full of doctors, of course) protocol, not mine.  Two dozen medical studies including ten random controlled trials, the gold standard of medicine with 100% positive results.

Do this and the entire Covid mess is literally over in one week.

No bull****.

Get your jackets, your posterboard, your big Sharpie Markers and picket the Hospital, picket the local doctor’s office, picket their house, picket every damned politician you can find and light up their phones to the point that their voicemail is clogged and useless.  Make every one of their lives insufferable just as they’ve made yours while they ghoulishly watched your loved ones die, clutching their pearls and clucking at you.  The willful and intentional refusal to do basic elementary school math has killed over 150,000 Americans quite possibly including your grandmother.  Why the hell are you not only letting them get away with it but willing to stand in line and take a not-fully-tested shot when a $2 alternative that does the same thing and has been proved safe over more than 30 years of time is available, and it also has a remarkable record of preventing serious disease and death.   This has been known for months.

Click to view presentation.

We can stop Covid-19 in ONE WEEK.

One.  Not five, six, eight or ten as promised by Dr. Redfield with his “masks” who, I remind you, lied.  Covid-19 did not stop even though he got what he wanted.

The science and the CDC’s own data says this will work in ONE WEEK.

And the risk if it doesn’t work as the science and math says it will?

STATISTICALLY NONE; the drug in question has had over 3.5 billion doses dispensed worldwide and, on the data, is safer than Tylenol and the number of pills you must take is two.

Not two per day.


Nothing Karl has said is super secret information hidden from the medical bureaucracies at the Federal, State and local levels.  These are the very bureaucracies that are constantly pushing ineffective masks,  lockdowns, social distancing until the glorious day when a vaccine appears.  Now the long awaited Day of the Vaccine has dawned and still we are told we must continue with the measures that promote fear rather than health.  Mandates, it should be noted, which never seem to apply to the Wise and the Good themselves.  Almost as if they didn’t believe in the dangers from which they claim to be protecting us.  Almost as if the danger isn’t really as awful as they tell us it is.

Given the massive effort to instantly silence any voice which disputes the efficacy of vaccines, discusses the effectiveness of therapeutic medications, who fails to echo the approved propaganda line, it is clear that what we are being told is advancing a hidden agenda.  The Federal medical agencies and many governors and local health departments have outlawed effective medications  We can speculate about what the agenda actually aims to achieve and on behalf of whom, but of one thing we can be sure: it isn’t intended to benefit us.

We have choices to make.  The first choice is whether or not to allow these control freaks to dictate our choices for us.  If people want the vaccine, I say let them have it.  Your Irascible Correspondent does not choose the vaccine option.  In the event I get sick I’ll take the meds, if I can find them.


Open letter from an American coward – Sarah Chamberlain

I think Mrs. Chamberlain speaks for a lot of us and makes good points worthy of putting into action.
Here are her unedited words.

Please save, screenshot, etc., then boost.

I don’t usually ask for my content to be shared. What I am about to say though is perhaps the most important thing I will ever say in public, and in the present landscape of the internet, there is a very high probability that it is being silenced or erased even now as you read it. So, I am asking you to please, save an offline and/or archived copy of this letter RIGHT NOW.

If, once you’ve read this letter, you feel that it has any value or interest whatsoever, please, as a personal favor, send it on through whichever channels, to whichever people you feel safe doing so.

If you think what I say is absurd, please share my letter with your friends so you can all laugh at me.

If you think that what I say is evil, please share it with your friends so you can all rage at me.

If you think I deserve to be punished for what I say, please send my letter on to the “authorities” or to any person you think might hurt me for writing it. At least then, those people will have a chance to read it.

I am
an American, a New Hampshirewoman, a lover of liberty, and a happily married mother of four beautiful children. I have a wonderful life, a bright future, and could not ask for any greater blessing than those I have already received.

My enemies are
in a word, communists. Modern communists do not usually call themselves such. They do not talk about workers rising up and seizing the Means of Production.

Instead, modern communists adopt a rhetorical stance where they assume that all people and all property are ALREADY COLLECTIVIZED, then calmly discuss what WE should do:
– What WE should ALLOW people to own.
– What WE should ALLOW people to do.
– What WE should ALLOW people to say.
– How WE should ALLOW people to use their property.
– How WE should ALLOW people to conduct their businesses,
– … and WHO should be ALLOWED,
– … and WHERE.
– How WE should ALLOW people to raise their children.
– Who should be GIVEN which roles within society.
– etc.

The issue under discussion is always something sympathetic, something most decent people would like to see fixed: Intergenerational poverty, police brutality, environmental degradation, bigotry, violence.

But the solutions modern communists put forward are rarely passive, and they are never liberating. If a problem can be solved by individual action, voluntary charity, by the free market, or by the passage of time, that is never seen as good enough. In fact, nothing that fails to increase the power and control of governments or certain institutions (or to grow the people’s dependence on them) is ever regarded as a solution at all.

The people who do the work of modern communism, debating and voting on these “issues of the day” are mostly not aware of what they are doing. A majority of them are decent people who want real problems addressed. But their thinking is confined to a multiple choice question presented by prestige media and schools where only oppressive proposals are listed as options.

Even those higher up the food chain, the ones who create the policy proposals or set the bounds of debate around them are not usually conscious of the way they are manipulating the public. They are hobbled by a theory of history (care of the school system) where the past is merely a series of dragons slain by government policy, where everything is “systemic”, and where the free choices and conscientious actions of individuals have no meaningful effect.

This is how the enemy operates.
In order for modern communists to have the latitude to execute their plans, they need every citizen to be as weak and dependent as possible. They especially need the middle tiers of management, professions, and bureaucracy to be filled with minimally competent placeholders who owe their position to political and institutional favor. These sorts of people, since they are only able to achieve their present position through the system, are more pliable to coercion and less likely to see freedom in any aspect of life as promising or beneficial.

As a consequence, modern communists wage eternal war against every wholesome and sustainable aspect of life, society, and culture which gives people or communities strength and independence. They see it as desirable to destroy the natural optimum which people discover through freedom and competition and replace it with fragile, orchid-like solutions which could not thrive without government and/or institutional intervention:
– Those with demonstrable skills must be replaced by those with credentials.
– The self-employed must be reduced to the status of employees.
– Property must become regulated or burdened with tax and debt, and wherever possible, wealth must be rendered intangible as abstracted financial fictions constructed of laws.
– People must come to rely on government programs for security where they previously relied on themselves and each other.
– The traditional family and organic communities it forms, such as churches, must be invaded, defanged, and delegitimized to leave people at the mercy of authorities.

To a modern communist, “freedom” means the opportunity for individuals to choose some fundamentally maladaptive way of life and be protected from consequences, encouraged and subsidized by power.

The weaker you are, the more useful you are to those in power. Those who choose to be weak and dependent where they could be healthy and independent are collaborators.

This is what I see happening.
The American public has come to accept all the components of totalitarian states.
– We have come to accept a militarized police.
– We have come to accept ideological indoctrination in schools.
– We have come to accept mass surveillance.
– We have come to accept speech codes.
– We have come to accept the rewriting of history to serve the interests of the ruling party.
– We have come to accept the tarring of political dissidents as “terrorists”, “extremists”, and “White Supremacists.”
– We have come to accept the State telling us when and where we can meet.
– We have come to accept the State shutting down our places of worship.
– We have come to accept the idea that parents should have no special authority over their children.
– We have come to accept the manipulation of thought through the manipulation of language.
– We have come to accept the radical reordering of society by government in the name of crisis.

In the 2016 election, the full-throated manipulation by the mainstream press, academia, and the political establishment was so intense, and so obvious, that many people (myself included) who did not consider themselves “conservative” voted for Donald Trump just to poke a finger in the eye of Leviathan. So many people did so that his margin of victory exceeded the margin of cheat, and he was actually able to become president.

In the intervening years, the modern communists of both parties (though more so the Democrats) and those same media and academia mandarins have only doubled down on their commitment to subjugating the public and clamping down on our personal freedom and political prerogatives. Somehow, in losing electorally, we are to believe that their mandate for runaway collectivism and authoritarianism was strengthened.

Now, in the 2020 election, the fraud and manipulation became so glaringly obvious that, at the time of writing, at least 47% of all Americans, regardless of party loyalty, understand that the election was stolen and Joe Biden is illegitimate. Somehow though, it is still a long shot that Donald Trump, the person who has done more to expose the mendacity and incompetence of the ruling party and institutions than anyone else, will be seated as President.

Every one of those Americans who understands this must realize that this is it. This is the last moment for the American Republic, the last time we will even have a glimmer of a chance of an honest election result, and the last time any opposition to modern communism will be afforded space in the public square. And yet, neither I nor most of you are going to do anything about this situation that might risk our present status or comfort.

This is why I won’t yet act.
Unfortunately for me, the crisis has come either too late or too early. Our family has four young children, a single income, and a base of assets which could be easily lost but probably never replaced. We are maximally vulnerable to the sorts of attacks which collectivists bring against those who fight back.

Even so, if the fight were on, if the majority of Americans who this past election shows are opposed to creeping collectivism were on the march, I would risk it all to join them. No comfort, no wealth, not even life itself is as important as preserving the possibility of human freedom. The hive-society prison which is being built around us must be demolished at any cost.

But when I look around me, I see many people who are paralyzed as I am. We know that the fight for our republic is unavoidable, and that the time is now, but do not see a nucleus of resistance to which we can pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honors without it being tantamount to suicide. We are watching and waiting for someone else to be that nucleus.

Most people who have not committed to the cause of freedom are not conscious supporters of modern communism. Some hold out the futile hope that things will all go back to normal, others have convinced themselves that what is happening is inevitable and cannot be opposed. Both are dead wrong. As open struggle against collectivism, communism, authoritarianism, and globalism rises, both of these positions will weaken, and support for freedom will grow.

If you have the courage to act where I do not,
here is what I WILL do:
– If you speak out against them, I will listen.
– If you act against them, I will not stand in your way.
– If they portray you as uncool, cringey, old-fashioned, unintelligent, or low-class, I will not laugh at you or think less of you.
– If they call you a racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, Nazi, granny killer, etc., I will not believe them, nor will I care.
– If they call you a terrorist or an extremist, I will not assume that you are in the wrong.
– When they ask me questions, I will lie, forget, or evade as I am able.
– When they tell me their version of history, I will smile and nod and know they are liars.
– If they dispossess you, I will share what I can.
– If they martyr you, my children will learn your name as that of a hero.
– If you have the courage to be shameless in opposing them, you will be honored in my house.

This is what I will remember.
The universities and the class of “experts” and “professionals” to whom they grant legitimacy have no constitutional role in the American Republic. No amount of schooling grants one authority over others, and no consensus among the educated should have the force of law.

2. The guarantee in the Constitution of “Freedom of the Press” is not a grant of authority to the legacy media or to professional journalists. It is, in fact, a right belonging to the people: WE have the right to publish and disseminate views and information the same as those who work for newspapers or television networks.

3. The Intelligence and Defense establishments of the US exist to secure the rights and liberties of the American people. The US has constructed a vast apparatus to deploy force, subvert or overthrow governments, and disseminate propaganda, but these activities are only legitimate when they are directed OUTWARD. When the geopolitical capabilities of the US government do not act to empower the American people and sustain our Constitution, they are just as criminal as the same actions taken by private citizens.

4. Law enforcement and defense against violence is the responsibility of each and every person. Even though we have become accustomed to having these services provided by professionals, they remain our right and our personal responsibility.

5. Education of the young is the responsibility of parents and natural communities. Even though we have become accustomed to having this service provided by professionals, it remains our right and our personal responsibility.

6. Provision of necessities such as food and shelter is the responsibility of each and every person. Even though we have become accustomed to these goods being delivered by a vast and interconnected economic machinery over which we have little control, it remains our right and our duty to provide for ourselves and those we care about.

7. Though peace, prosperity, happiness, and a long life are all wonderful conditions to experience, they are not what makes a human life worthwhile. Humans have dignity and value insofar as they are free agents struggling and striving to obtain these ends. “Treating someone as a human being” does not mean coddling them and providing for them like you would a child or a pet. It means getting out of their way and leaving them the freedom and latitude to provide for themselves.

8. Whoever relinquishes their freedom to obtain comfort or security is not acting as a human, but as an animal. Because our fates are all intertwined, such a person is betraying all of us, and does not deserve our concern or regard.

— Sarah Chamberlain

Any friend of the Republic is a friend of mine.