In considering the vision for the future of our country expressed by the Progressives of the Democratic Party I am reminded of the words of Abraham Lincoln in one of his debates with his Democratic rival Judge Stephen Douglas:

“They are the arguments that kings have made for enslaving the people in all ages of the world. You will find that all the arguments in favor of king-craft were of this class; they always bestrode the necks of the people, not that they wanted to do it, but because the people were better off for being ridden.

That is their argument, and this argument of the Judge [i.e., Stephen Douglas] is the same old serpent that says you work and I eat, you toil and I will enjoy the fruits of it. Turn in whatever way you will—whether it come from the mouth of a King, an excuse for enslaving the people of his country, or from the mouth of men of one race as a reason for enslaving the men of another race, it is all the same old serpent ….”

Given that the policies which have been promoted by the Democratic Party for the last 80 years have served to promote the ills they were nominally intended to remedy it is clear that a responsible plan for the future of America as the preeminent land of freedom and opportunity must repudiate the course on which we have been so long embarked.  Those  moribund policies have been increasingly drawn from political and philosophical ideas alien and often inimical to the principles that made this the greatest nation the world has yet seen.  Clearly the antidote to a program of failure is a return to principles that have been tested over time and proven to produce results that that benefit all that embrace them.

Among the political parties active int he country today those principles and ideals are best represented by the Republican Party.  No other party is as favorably positioned relative to the mainstream of American political tradition ideologically, nor as poised for effective action as is the Republican Party.  No other party is as well disposed to and willing to cooperate with the great spontaneous political Awakening of our times that is the Tea Party.  No other party stands the ghost of a chance to successfully oppose the Democratic Party and their insidious agenda.

The Republican Party the only viable alternative to Democratic Progressive agenda, it is a good alternative, and it is becoming better.  Over the course of the next several months that will be evident in the quality of the demonstrably better ideas Republicans stand for.  This is a place where those ideas will be expounded and discussed.

Ideas matter.  Ideas have power.  This country was conceived as an idea, and that idea has guided us for 236 years so far.  The question that vexes us today is a question about ideas.  Shall the United States continue to be guided by the ideas an ideals of the Founders, or shall we revert to an older set of ideas, erroneously labeled as progressive, which Abraham Lincoln refers to as “the same old serpent” in the quote above?

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