Cox for Governor

As promised, your humble correspondent attended the Feb. 8 event at the Oakmont and is prepared to give a first impression of John Cox, Republican candidate for Governor of California.  I must admit in the first place that the time he was with us was far too brief for him to fully expound on his ideas, of which he has many and which, in my view, appear sound.

Given the state of the State, it will take someone of extraordinary energy and proven competence to set California to rights.  John Cox excels in both these categories.  I will not belabor his accomplishments here, as you can find them readily enough with a google search, or by visiting his campaign website, where you can also make a contribution to his campaign.  He spoke clearly, forcefully and passionately about California, the problems we face and potential solutions.  These are matters to which he has clearly devoted considerable thought over a long period of time.

Some points he made, as best I was able to note them down; California is the only state that makes Illinois look well managed.  He initiated a campaign to repeal the gas tax.  It costs four times as much to repair one mile of California road as it does one mile of Texas road.  California Environmental Quality bureaucracy has metastasized and is an impediment to businesses and individuals alike.  He hopes to transform state politics and make it business friendly.  He wants to get rid of the Sanctuary State nonsense and restore the rule of law.  He hopes to reduce the influence of special interests on state politics.  He believes that by reducing corruption at the state level he can improve the quality of life for everybody.  He wants to solve problem and believes that with our help he can do so.

I will support John Cox for Governor of California.