The peasants are revolting

The politics, they is ‘a changin’.  That a normal thing, it really can’t be held static for long.  If politics is the art people working to get what they want without killing each other (the Clinton’s not withstanding) then the effects of political decisions will change the things that people want.  Decisions have consequences.  For a very long time now American politics have been a kind of dance where we’ve been taking two or three zigs to the left followed by one or two zags to the right.

The end result is that we are far, far to the left of where we started.  The Donks pushing us to the left still want the Revolution that will transfer the power from We the People to We the Right Sort of People.  A great many Republicans, especially those elected to public office, have decided that they want to be the Right Sort of People too.  I can see the attraction.  The Right Sort of People seem to wind up with the most laurels of media approval and the most goodies under the table.  We the People simply can’t compete with those kinds of incentives.  Oh, well, too bad about us.

That’s heady stuff, and some people can’t get enough of it.  That’s probably why Facepalm Feinstein has announced that she once again running for the US Senate.  She’s 84, and if re-elected she would be 91 at the end of her term.  Any sane person would have retired long ago and counted all the Federal loot she’s managed to funnel into Blum Capital, her husband’s investment firm.  Nope, just can’t get enough of Power, Plaudits and Plunder, can you Di?  You go, Geritol Girl!

I wonder if she consulted with Donna Brazile before making that decision?  Probably not, Donna’s been busy writing her death warrant cum suicide note expose of the 2016 Clinton campaign.  My guess is that Donna decided to put pen to paper right about the time somebody in the Demon-cratic Party realized that the Russia investigation was going to unleash a sewer tsunami from Chappaqua instead of Trump Tower.  Oops.  Who could have seen that coming?

So Donna’s taking one for Team Democrat, essentially ending her own political career to throw Hillary and her ghouls under the bus.  Will it be enough to save the Democratic Party?  I don’t think so.  But not to worry, like Monty Python’s Black Knight, the Progressive zombies are still going to press to the left, with their battle cry, “‘Tis but a scratch.  More Brains for Socialism!”

What has become obvious is that We the People are not We the Peasants we’ve been told we were, and we getting set to change things.  It is no accident that so many go along to get along Republicans are deciding that now is a good time to retire.  Tuesday’s election in Virginia will probably convince more to follow suit rather than face defeat next November.  How all that will play out remains to be seen.  What is clear is that the lock-step death march into the Marxist abyss is faltering.

Now to turn it around.

The next Republican Club dinner talk will be on Friday November 17, 2017 at 6:30 PM.

Featuring Caitlin Crommett speaking on Millennials and Politics: What You Need to Know

She will explore what makes Millennials tick when it comes to getting involved in politics, on any level. We will discuss why Millennials get involved, how they like to engage in the political process, and what motivates their actions- regardless of party.
Where: Community Center of La Canada Flintridge
4469 Chevy Chase Drive
La Canada Flilntridge, CA. 91011

Catered by: Elser of Ali Catering

Cost: $25/person for members; $30/non-members & non-RSVP; Students, auditors $5

RSVP: or New Phone number 818-478-7730
PLEASE RSVP NO LATER THAN Tuesday, November 14th

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