Lafayette, where are you?

Back in 1917 when Col. Charles E. Stanton said, “Lafayette, we are here,” he was paying respect to a debt that the United States owed to France personified by the Marquis de Lafayette who led France’s aid to the nascent United States in her struggle for existence during America’s Revolutionary War.  The idea being that America would save France as France had saved the fledgeling United states a little over a century before.

American Doughboys did indeed save France and England from the Kaiser’s ham-fisted attempt to dominate Europe, breaking the stalemate that seemed would doom Europe to endless blood-letting.  Few today can imaging the cost in blood of that war.  Fully one quarter of the French male population between the ages of 18 to 60 became casualties between 1914 and 1918.  England, Belgium, Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary suffered similar casualty rates.  Such casualty rates defy comprehension, it was the horror of the magnitude of the slaughter that made England and France so reluctant to embark on the War to end War’s second act a mere generation later.

Emperor Karl I

America’s arrival convinced the German General Staff that that they needed to do something NOW to even the odds.  Their solution was to send V.I Lenin to Russia to knock Russia out of the war and free up troops from that second front.  This move was opposed by the newly crowd emperor of Austria-Hungary, Karl I.  Two things rendered Karl’s objections moot: 1. he had two million Germans under arms on his territory; 2. President Wilson’s refusal to countenance any form of separate peace.  Another instance in which electing a Democratic President had disastrous consequences.  Funny how so many of them start wars, then blame the Republicans.

It did not take long for Europe to decide that the only way to expiate the blood shed during the Great War was to shed lots more blood.  So off to war they went again, led, again, by a vengeful Germany.  And once again it fell to America to save the day.  First by arming and feeding Russia, then by kicking Nazi butt.  When it turned out that arming Russia had not been such a great idea, America saved Europe a third time by guaranteeing Western Europe’s survival in the event of a Russian invasion.

Now it looks as if Europe is self destructing again, this time by facilitating a hostile Muslim invasion.  After years of terror attacks, assaults, rapes and general mayhem some in Europe are beginning to wake up.  Not all, by any means, substantial numbers of Europeans still embrace their own destruction.  Perhaps more will wake up as the situation spirals into Jihad hell.  But will enough wake up?  Not enough were awake in Holland last month.  Next up is France, who in a handful of hours will have national elections.  (As an aside, one wonders what role the Russians will be seen to have.)

The likelihood that the US will step up to once again save Europe from itself is negligible.  This time they will have to do it on their own.  Hungary and Poland seem to have seen and refused the poison of massive Muslim immigration, and that’s really good.  In a few hours the French will hold national elections to decide whether France will live or die.  Choose wisely, Lafayette, three strikes and you’re out.  This time you are on your own with no second chance in sight.