It CAN happen here

The violent disruptions of the Left are something we are kind of used to seeing, and to a certain extent we take them for granted.  This ought to be a source of great grief because it is antithetical to character of a free people.  We tend to minimize the importance of the Left’s violence; therein lies a great danger.

The ascendancy of the Left across so much of our national landscape is neither a random event nor does it lead to a random conclusion.  It is happening by design and is designed to lead to specific conclusion.  It is designed to lead us by slow degrees into Fascism (AKA: National Socialism) and then into full blown Communism.

Here again I give thanks to God that Hillary was not elected.  We came so close, and are still teetering on the edge.  All that is needed is to stand back and allow events to take their course.  Why would we allow this?  Because we don’t love freedom enough.