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ANGER, NOT FEAR IS THE CORRECT RESPONSE. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh’s show last week while driving when a man called in to say that with Biden’s “election,” he is scared for himself and for his family. Rush said he understood. I don’t. Why are so many conservatives scared rather than angry about the election? What good is fear? Where is the outpouring of anger and disgust that all conservatives should have toward half the country that wants them cowed at best and dead at worst? Fear has no place here.

Anger is a response to injustice and conservatives have been dealing with this injustice for years with the rigged election being the final straw. Fear is helpless, unless perhaps it moves us to action. So rather than fear, stand up in righteous indignation, like Andrew Breitbart, who never gave up. This indignation was on full display at a protest I attended the other night. A woman leapt up like a bulldog when a leftist type started to tell the crowd of small business owners that they were to blame for the spread of Covid. She screamed at him til the crowd booed and he handed back the microphone and left. It wasn’t his event, it was for small business owners to get their voices heard.

The news, the media and every aspect of our society has had the angry voices of the liberals blaring for the past four years of the Trump presidency. Now these same angry jackals want unity –hah! Not on your life, or mine. So stand up, don’t be afraid, be angry and take action. Go to a protest, write a letter, run for office, stand up to any leftist and never give up.

For God’s sake, don’t be afraid. Let them be afraid of you.


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