Grace and class from an unexpected source

John Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten, the front man for punk rock pioneers the Sex Pistols, was better known for his spitting, snarling delivery of anti-establishment lyrics than a common sense and articulate rebuttal of the atrocious behavior displayed by the ‘progressive’ establishment, including the Labour Party, the Trade Unions and the BBC.

“I was her enemy in life but I won’t be her enemy in death. What kind of politics are they offering me? You dance on another persons grave? That’s loathsome.”

It is indeed loathsome.  But that is the Left for you.

The phenomenon of projection seems to adequately explain much of the Left’s outlook on the world.  That being the case it can also be used as a diagnostic tool with which to discover their intentions and motivations.  By their baseless accusations they unconsciously signal their agenda.  Just as Britain used the ULTRA decrypts to anticipate and foil German plans, Republicans and Conservatives ought to be looking at the Left’s loathsome pronouncements not as a source of shocking offense, but as a priceless intelligence asset to be exploited.