A kindhearted lady objects, w/ response

The Cause:

(Email subject line:) Are you sick and tired of that worthless munch button Adam ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff?
Eric Early now has a regular weekly radio show. Pencil Neck Schiff only talks when he’s grandstanding in DC, Eric Early talks to the people.
What refreshing difference!

The Objection:

I’m a Republican for several years now and I support your efforts to help our nation towards a better future.  But I need to let you know that I absolutely detest name-calling of anyone in the political arena or any arena, even though, for example, I also absolutely detested Rep. Schiff’s actions in the past and current year during impeachment hearings, etc.  But how can we uplift our nation if we demean anyone in the public eye with silly and cruel “nicknames.”  It seems wrong to me and it also becomes a horrible role-model for our children and young-people who will emulate this style of communication one day.  Isn’t there a better way of communicating?  I know President Trump used this style in his initial 2016 campaign, and I think President Trump is doing a wonderful job for America and is a very good man which makes me think so highly of him.   We’re all imperfect, aren’t we? — but I intensely disliked President Trump’s style of name-calling so continually in 2016.  I confess I myself give vent to the term “idiots!” in private in occasional heated moments when the Democrats drive me up the wall and back or I view other acts of idiocy in the world.

Seriously, name-calling humiliates people in front of their families and friends; belittling appearance, belittling people with physical or mental disabilities such as early-stage Alzheimer’s demeans them, dehumanizes them, and is so extremely hurtful.  Can’t we who know better do better than this?  We can still continue to strongly communicate disagreement and criticisms without demeaning  or cruelly tormenting any human being.
to sum up, I don’t like your ad above.  But I continue to support Republican efforts.  We surely need Republican leadership in California official offices.  Thanks for listening.  And I appreciate voting guides for elections. although I live in WS.  I looked for a voting guide in the last primary election but couldn’t locate anything.

The Response:

Dear A;

Thank you for your thoughtful remarks, I assure you they have been well received.  I partially agree with you.  We live in a civilization that values civil discourse, and believes that every human being is intrinsically valuable in themselves, thus deserving of courteous treatment.  I love this about us Americans, and would wish it more universally practiced.  Alas, common courtesy has, like common sense, become a vanishingly rare virtue.  I regret any distress we, as a club, and I as an author writing on behalf of the [Club], may have caused you.

It is my view that we have only recently woken up to the fact that we are in a war not of our choosing with forces whose goals are inimical to the continued welfare and even survival of our American Republic.  Unfortunately the Democratic Party has become aligned with these forces, which is why I, at any rate, so bitterly oppose them, their policies, aims and methods.  I am not in a position to make any great claim to wisdom, my claims are modest, and, I hope, bounded by what I actually know.  Because I have been an avid reader since childhood I have an unusual understanding of history, including military history and the history of Communism in the 20th century.  This understanding is the basis of my growing alarm regarding the cultural and political trends in the US over the last few decades.

Because I absolutely do not want to see this struggle devolve into general and unrestricted violence (as civil wars tend to do) it must be conducted with words.  Words which convey ideas, ours, which we wish to see triumph, and theirs, which we wish to defeat.  We must absolutely confront their ideas with ours and argue passionately; intellectually they cannot hold a candle to us.  If the argument were conducted solely on the basis of reason and logic they would have to retreat with their collective tail between their legs.  But knowing that they cannot prevail on rational grounds they shift the argument to the emotions, which are much more easily manipulated.  Good salesmen know that people do not buy based on reason, they buy based on emotion.  In this regard the Democrats have us beat hollow, sad to say.

The propaganda side of war has always been about elevating our side and diminishing their side in the hearts and minds of the people.  Throughout history each side has defined itself as fully, virtuously human while dehumanizing and demonizing the enemy.  President Trump understands this, perhaps on an instinctual level.  In his rhetoric America and Americans are always, Great!  Big!  Beautiful!  Special!  Wonderful!  While his opponents are reduced by demeaning nicknames: Crooked Hillary, Lying Ted, Little Marco, Pencil Neck Schiff, etc.  This is a battle tactic designed to make his opponents less attractive, less authoritative, less respectable, less believable, less trustable.  You may have noticed that once he’s proved his point and won he moves his former opponents into the “good guys” column.  You might have also noticed that while the Democrats call for civility their rhetoric is anything but.  That is because they are fighting to win.

As a Vietnam combat veteran I can tell you first hand that war is an ugly business.  I volunteered because defending the Vietnamese people against a Communist victory, a victory of evil. was worth risking my health and life for.  Almost fifty years later I am still bitter about the betrayal of the Vietnamese people by the Democrat Congress of 1974.  You can only imagine my horror at discovering an impending Communist win in America.  I am no longer called upon to serve the guns to rain hot death with fire and thunder on America’s enemies, now my weapons are words and my aim is victory.  If I thought we could win against the Democrats with mild words of sweet reason, compromise and kindness I would use them.  They have been tried by many others and consistently failed.  They are ineffective against our common foe.

So i can make you a couple of promises, Anne.  First, I will always avoid the use of obscene and crassly vulgar language.  Second, I will to the best of my ability use the full force and power of the English language in service of an American victory.  This means that when apposite I will savage the Democrats using mockery, derision and laughter to expose them, humiliate them, undercut their credibility and reduce them to impotent rage (because when people are enraged they make stupid mistakes which can be exploited, something which President Trump does well).  Given your very understandable sensitivities, the mark of an educated and cultured person, I do not ask or expect you to enjoy the battle of words any more that I would ask or expect you to enjoy witnessing appalling cruelties men inflicted and endured during the battles in the jungles of Vietnam.  I do ask you, dear Anne, to support us, averting your eyes as needed, as we do the dirty work of hammering the proponents of these evil ideologies, to forge with God’s help a stronger and cleaner and holier America.


P.S.  I recommend this to your attention: http://associationforaresponsiblefuture.org/?p=351

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