Bush did not lie.

The 10th anniversary of the Iraq war has rolled around and the anti-war Left is still repeating the same old falsehoods that were the party line a decade ago.  It is truly said that the victors write history, and the Party of (false) Peace is still in the business of repeating their lying doctrine until either it is universally believed or all contrary witnesses have been silenced, and that is truly sad.  But true witnesses are still around; once in a while their voices momentarily pierce the clamor.  Perhaps many years from now the truth about Iraq will be fully known, as it now known about Vietnam, though seldom spoken.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Commander Salamander:

My executive summary is founded on this – on 9/11 I was actually in theater, a quick jump to the Iraqi border. In those first few days after the attacks, you know what the N2/J2 folks were kicking out as threats? All coming from Iraq. From small groups of terrorists to actual chemical weapons coming over the walls in mortar shells. The message traffic, the briefings … it is all part of the public record now. Either the US military and all our allies were suffering from mass delusion, were part of a huge conspiracy, or … perhaps … we were making estimates based on the information and intelligence available to us – and what we saw – at that place in time – without the benefit of 20/20 hindsight from pampered agenda-driven, foam flecked partisan haters.

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