Let slip the Donks of war

Why do the Commiecrats want the war now as opposed to running a viable candidate in 2024 (since they don’t seem to be able to find one in 2020)?  Their plan to capture the institutions has been going well and despite Felonia Clinton’s slip up in 2016 is workable.  All they have to do is keep on doing what they’ve been doing for the last 50 years and they’ll have us in the bag.  So why the change in tactics?

  1. They know the DOJ investigations will turn up dirt that will land many Party bigwigs in the hoosegow and totally upend the Party for decades;
  2. They are at the end of their resources and have nothing in reserve so they MUST win NOW or lose what little they have then spend decades rebuilding the Party;
  3. They are so blindly focused on victory at all and any cost that they can’t see the consequences of their actions;
  4. They are just plain crazy, driven over the edge by Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The radical left has been organizing for years and have laid their plans to win a total victory over Western Civ. in general and the U.S. in particular.  AOC and The Broad Squad are the first in a scheme to elect Socialist puppets to Congress (and likely State Houses as well)  to push and overwhelm the American political process.

I’m sorry to say that the Donks aren’t crazy beyond their insane Commie ideology.  They seem to have a plan to achieve victory and they seem to think that now is the best time to “cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.”

Prepare: food, water, ammo, reinforce your support networks and stay away from crowds.  Above all, pray.