Hoaxed – censored

Mike Cernovich recently produced the movie Hoaxed which I bought and now make available to you.  As I understand the terms of sale I am free to make it available to you.

We knew already that the mainstream media is essentially a propaganda machine operating for its own profit and the advancement of a left wing political ideology.  Cernovich goes into not only the details, but the philosophical underpinnings of the means, methods, whys and wherefores of this most unreal of realities.  At just over two hours length you can be glad that you have a pause button.  As I have the file I will be happy to make it available for use by any group with the technical means to play it off a USB thumb drive.

Enjoy, if that is the right word.  If the window below doesn’t work use this link.

Our video hosting service removed this video without notification or explanation.  We’ve been censored.

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  1. I will pass this on to Karen Suter. I think it’s a little for our Republican Women’s Club. She can discuss the possibility with the board’

    thank you for all you do.

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