Divide and conquer

Seems like forever that Republicans have complained that the Party is divided, RINOs vs. Republicans of the Rock Ribbed variety.  The complaint is justified.  It seems that Republicans only get proactive when there are enough Democrats to stop them.  Certainly Republican leadership in both houses of Congress has been, to put it charitably, a mixed bag.  We have all been sickened by watching Republican legislators pledge eternal enmity to some Democrat idiocy only to cave a short while later; look no further than the whole Obamacare debacle.

Will … not … go … there …

In contrast the Demonrats march forward in lockstep, never faltering, their united front never cracking.  We tend to take this for granted as we all know they are mindless, collectivist zombies, as Bob Hope famously pointed out here.  Their Party discipline is indeed formidable, and their leadership descends on any strays like a ton of bricks, demanding every member advance the destruction of America and the triumph of the the Revolution that will usher in the Glorious World of Next Tuesday.  The wonder is that they don’t openly call each other ‘comrade’.

With the advent of Democratic Socialism, a euphemism for baby steps to Communism, that seems to be changing.  Some members of the Destruction Party have dimly glimpsed the truth that some of their constituents might not be too happy with the stampede to the Left and fear that they won’t be re-elected if they go along.  Just as with Pubbie pols every Donk’s dearest wish is to be re-elected in perpetuity; they would have to get a real job otherwise.  It seems that not every constituency has yet figured out how to manufacture ballot boxes stuffed with Dem votes on demand.

It seems that the Michael Cohen testimony – speaking of rats – is not yielding the overwhelming evidence of Trump’s “crimes” they paid for expected.  This is very disappointing as they hunger and thirst for Trump’s impeachment.  Which is strange, because if they succeed they would get Pence, which they would hate even more.  But the result of the hearings seems to be an odd diffidence about charging up Impeachment Hill.  Its almost as if they know they couldn’t pull it off with the evidence they have.  A little voice seems to be whispering to the old stalwarts, “This is not the hill to die on.”

Same thing with Occasional Cortex’s Green New Deal, every environmental activist’s wet dream.  Same thing with their new Muzzy Girls calling for the Final Solution in America.  Same thing with – surprise! – immigration and gun control.  There are actually Dems refusing to support some of the bills Democrats are advancing as fully as the leadership would like; Dem legislators voting with Republicans.  Who’d ‘a thunk?

It turns out that Republicans can stand together to oppose the Destructocrats’ madness.  When they do they help split the Commies (D) and fracture their cohesion.  It may not be a victory for the Good Guys (R) yet, but is sure slows the enemy’s triumphal march.  This is a good thing.