Bowing to Moloch


One of the things that has increasingly puzzled me over the years is the Left’s love of abortion.  It makes a certain kind of sense to view it as the ultimate contraceptive backstop, especially by men as a way to halt the quickie that won’t stop giving and avoid responsibility for the result while holding out the possibility of a repeat.   Yet it is not men who are its most vocal and passionate promoters.  Men, we are told, are to keep their mouths shut and their flies open.

With the passage of New York’s abortion law that permits an abortion even while the baby is being born, it is the most “liberal” in the nation, and that in a State that already had the most liberal abortion laws in the US, one wonders where they will go from here.  The fact that almost simultaneously Virginia voted down their own similarly radical abortion law raises a question about the timing of these legislative efforts.  There can be no doubt that the Tranzies are making another concerted push to pass similar laws in all 50 states.

As is typically true of all totalitarians they must loudly celebrate these “successes” while shouting down and attempting to silence the voices of opposition.  Last year the movie “Gosnell” was bitterly opposed by the Left in even getting made, promotion of the movie was largely censored and though it did actually make it to the theaters it was frequently pulled from the lineup after one or two days.  This censoring is nothing new.  I recall back in the early 80’s a long article in the Los Angeles Times expatiating on the glories of a small group of pro-abortion demonstrators which failed to mention that it was actually a counter protest against a 100,000 strong pro-life march in Dowtown L.A.

The arguments advanced by abortion’s proponents have repeatedly been shown to be specious too often to rehearse here.  As they with their entire agenda, it must be advanced by stealth, misdirection and downright lies.  Nor will I today present the arguments ad contra, perhaps another day.

The Democrats, as the chosen vehicle of the Radical Left, are incrementalists.  They have to be, for if they were to baldly declare the final goals of their ambitions the general population would rise against them in shock and horror.  No, we are their lobsters in the pot and they must let us get used to the rising temperature of their agenda a few degrees at at time.  It works because most people have a very short time frame in which they live and view the world, not looking very far ahead into the future and soon forgetting the past.  All of us live in a more or less comfortable bubble of normalcy.

So if every time the Democrats get an electoral majority the first thing the do is relax the legal limits surrounding abortion it seems prudent to ask, what is the end game?  The Dutch already have the Groningen Protocol that allows babies up to one year old to be euthanized, and you can bet that it will be introduced here come to legislatures across America in the near future.  That will be pushed out to allow for the non-consensual killing of older severely ill and disabled persons.  We have already legalized assisted suicide for older sick and suffering persons who request it.  In the UK the National Health Service has already made the decision to live or die involuntary by withholding food and water for those deemed incurable.  That will be coming our way soon.

But why?  We can see our future in the most despicable Communist regimes in history.  You, citizen, are not a sovereign individual with inherent value or rights, you are a monad who live at the State’s pleasure.  Ironically, at the same time the Left pushes for the abolition of the death penalty for the worst criminals they push for the death penalty for crimes that seem much more heinous to them than murder or rape.  The worst crimes are ideological, hence political crimes.  Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, the Castros, the Kims, and the less successful heads of Communist movements, have murdered well over 100,000,000 not because of any crime of violence but because they were deemed ‘enemies of the people’, meaning the people in power.

It is here already.  You can be destroyed for expressing the wrong opinion.  You don’t even have to express that opinion, you just need to be a member of an ‘oppressive’ class or smile at the wrong time and howling mobs of maddened leftist will descend on you to ruin your reputation, your career, your finances, your safety and the safety of your loved ones, your colleagues and passer bys.  Among the Left China’s massive government surveillance and social credit system is much admired, and they would love to implement it here.

Yes, citizen,  Big Brother is watching.  We know who you are and we know what’s going on with you.  You must remember that you exist to serve the State and have no value beyond that and only those rights we give you that suit our convenience.  If you do not serve the State your value is at an end, and so is your right to life, never mind liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  As with all non Judaic or Christian religions, human sacrifice resolves the social discomfort.  Conform or die.

This is why it is always and everywhere for Republicans and Conservatives to decline to fight the culture wars and look instead to narrow electoral issues is a strategic error.  For the Left everything is political and has a political end.  Every time we cede the cultural field to them we are making a choice to advance their cause thereby cutting our own throats and those of our descendants.