Big Brother is watching

It has been almost 25 years (how is this POSSIBLE???  Seems like yesterday!) since a colleague at a company I was working at remarked on the topic of surveillance in the internet age, “Its not the government you have to worry about, though they are bad enough, its corporations.”  He was a high level tech guy who’d switched careers and worked his way up from the bottom, and very knowledgeable about a lot of things.  Back then I thought in terms of secretly ferreting out consumer buying patterns to manipulate us through targeted marketing, which has indeed happened.

But its worse than that.  As Republicans in a Republican Club we tend to think in political terms, of political campaigns, voting and elections.  Many conservatives, not just Republicans, have argued that we ought to stay away from social issues.  I have argued for some time that the problems we face are broader than Republican against Democrat fights.  That, as Andrew Breitbart famously said, “Politics is downstream from culture,” and we’ve lost the culture.  To win electoral battles we must fight – and win – cultural battles.  The Culture Wars matter; on battlefield we have strong – winning – arguments to make that can and should be vehicles for electoral victories.

Trump proved that.

It should be of interest that the Dark Temple of Infernal Progressivism is not working just to silence political discussion and debate, they are working to silence anything that contradicts politically correct dogma, no matter how small, silly, counter factual or freshly defined.  The bleeding edge of PC dogma, let it be noted, is about redefining culture, not about political parties and their platforms.It is about fundamentally transforming America. I’m not a fan of fundamentally transforming America, just so you know.

That, incidentally, is why Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R) is such a disappointment when he does things like censure Congressman Steve King (R) for remarking on what is the plain truth, when did, in a nutshell, our history and our civilization become offensive?  Evidently they are offensive to Rep. McCarthy as well as to the bat squid crazy left.  You might drop him a line (nobody’s answering the phone for some reason) either at his DC office (202) 225-2915 or his Bakersfield office(661) 327-3611 and mention that you are a fan of America and Western Civilization.  I did.

Mark Twain famously said that a newspaper was an instrument for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier.  Things haven’t changed much since then, and in fact, seem to have gotten worse since the news moved to the airwaves.  I know y’all are right here with me, and this is certainly an exception to the rule, but the internet hasn’t helped.  No, really!  Fake news is nothing new.  Propaganda has been around since the serpent first showed up in the Garden.

What hasn’t helped most of all is that virtually all of the major social sites have been co-opted by Dark Temple Acolytes (AKA TRANZIES: transnational progressives).  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google etc. are all dedicated to proselytizing the Dogma of Degeneracy, Death and Destruction among the unwary.  And, by the bye, silencing any voices not singing along with their Chaos Choir.

[Cue Rod Serling opening a Twilight Zone episode:] “In the world of the blind is the one eyed man king?  Consider the case of one James Demore, a mild mannered computer programmer working for Google.  Mr. Demore suggested that perhaps if Google recognized the innate differences of women in an overwhelmingly male environment, and capitalized on them, the company might be improved thereby, and that would help drive profits.  What happens when a simple truth is simply told in a Tranzie infiltrated world is tonight’s tale from the Twilight Zone.”