Humpty Trumpty promised a wall

Humpty Trumpty promised a wall.

Unless he delivers Trumpty will fall.

All the GOP’s promises and all the Right’s men

Won’t put Trumpty together again.

While granting that there are far too many Donks in the Senate and RYANOS in the House, that’s about the long and the short of it.  Unless Trump can get the wall funded and the building of it started he, and his agenda going forward, is toast.  So is the Republic, which is pretty well burned already anyway.  The Donks are doubly incentivised to refuse to fund the wall, first to keep the borders open to continue the process of electorate replacement, and second to torpedo Trump’s, and by extension Patriotic Republicans’ chances of victory in 2020.

Now granted Trump has delivered massively on some of his promises, notably trade agreements, deregulation and, the big one so far, sane, Constitutional originalist judges.  (I, for one, am looking forward to the fireworks when Ruthie, who’s got one foot and four and nine tenths toes in the grave, kicks the bucket.)  But he has notably failed on others: medical monopolies reform (who remembers that?), drain the swamp and build the big, beautiful wall.  These promises he must, MUST, *MUST* keep else all is lost.

Yes, Obamacare has foundered and sunk, no thanks to the GOP, finally being sent to the bottom by a Texas judge with a spine.  Of course the Commiecrats will challenge that in court, because it ain’t really settled law until they get their way, but for now its dead and good riddance.  But medicare is an open artery that unless promptly staunched will bleed the country white in very short order.  Along with that the price fixing between hospitals and insurance companies must be stopped.  Here’s an experiment for you: when next you have cause to enter a hospital ask for a breakdown of costs BEFORE you sign on the dotted line, as is required by law.  Of course you won’t, because by then you’re between the devil and the deep blue sea and they’ll just let you choose another caregiver. Good luck with that.  Nor will they give you a breakdown of actual costs incurred when presenting you with the bill.

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There have been over 50,000 secret indictments filed all over the country in the last two years (before this the annual average was about 1,000/year).  That there is a secret cabal  plotting the overthrow of our Constitution can no longer be doubted.  Unless they are exposed and brought to swift and public justice they will remain in place to continue their dastardly work of undermining our freedom, our Constitution and our republican form of government.  This is concerning not just on its face, but because historically when republics fall they are replaced by dictatorships.  If the Trump Administration doesn’t act on this soon his credibility will be eviscerated and his agenda will be undone.

Just because the vaunted ‘Caravan’ has seemingly fizzled doesn’t mean that we’ve won the battle of the border.  ‘Seemingly’ because as of a couple of weeks ago the leaders of the Leftist organized “spontaneous march” showed up at the American Consulate in Tijuana and demanded that they be either admitted to the US or be given $50,000 each to go home.  To the best of my knowledge they are still holding their breath on that one.  Now that the GOP has, at the 59th minute of the 11th hour, budgeted a measly 5 billion for wall construction the Demoncrats are losing their minds.

Trump put one over on Nancy ‘Nutjob’ Pelosi and Chuck ‘the Schmuck’ Schumer by leaving the press in the room when they met with the President and the Vice President in the Oval Office.  That was nice, but nicer is the government shut down showdown.  I notice that in contrast to Barrack ‘the Hack’ Obama’s government shutdown, recall how he used government employees to try and prevent public access to Federal property, Trump has gone out of his way to insure that the public can still access Federal facilities.

So far so good, for certain values of ‘good’, but he needs to win this. He’s gotten off to a good start, as seen in the video below.  Trump ambushed them by making the discussion public, notice how Pelosi objects and Trump responds.  Notice how Schumer tries to control the discussion, but Trump rolls right over him.  To win he must hold firm on that crappy 5 billion and humiliate the Democrats.  That will be Christmas gift worth having.

Chuck ‘the Schmuck’ smirking for the cameras while turning his back on the President.