Leakers ahoy!

I see the Donks are all atwitter because Trump has called the Ukraine phone call leaker a traitor deserving of a traitor’s reward.  Oh, the humanity!  The horror!  Poor leaker, don’t you just feel sorry for him, her or, these days, it?  What’s more, it seems we must disconnect Trump’s harsh words and the leaker’s terror (as if government employees fear anything from their bosses) from the context of these things or similarities to events of the past.

Why, I wonder, are we not allowed to bring up historical parallels? Perhaps because they are uncomfortably apposite, or so it seems to me.
The more I think about it the more convinced I am that there will be no civil war, at least not a kinetic one. There have been enough shenanigans by our elected representatives reported over the years to have catapulted the first generations of Americans into violent action against them. I recall that an early governor of New York was dragged from his home, tarred, feathered and ridden out on a rail and his house set afire. We are not the men our ancestor were, for both good and ill. It won’t get bloody until the food and fuel distribution systems break down, then it will be a Hobbesian war of all against all reminiscent of Bosnia in 1993 and Argentina in 2001.
How interesting that just a few days before the latest tempest in the Donk’s Desperation Teacup erupted, and after Rep. Adam ‘Schiffy’ Schiff had received the transcript of Trump’s phone conversation (but before he went on record totally misrepresenting what was said which was before – horrors! – Trump released the entire transcript so that the whole world could see the difference) the rules for whistleblowers were changed from requiring the whislteblower to have direct personal knowledge to hearsay, merely requiring that he had heard about some wrong doing second or third hand.
Hearsay is inadmissible in a court of law and always has been. But now we can use it as evidence to impeach a sitting President. Huh. How interesting. Now I’m thinking, how might that be weaponized against the next Democratic President. Hmmm? Silly Donks, always going for the short term kill shot (and often missing) without ever thinking that the torpedoes they launch might ever circle around to blow them up – unexpectedly.
For some reason Demoncrats think that Trump, as Republicans have generally done in the past, ought to cower and quiver and cave when confronted by the Party of Slavery and betrayed their Deep State Minions. I don’t really know why, though I am glad of it, but Trump didn’t get the memo. So yeah, the civil service which are under his direct authority and which he ought to be able to trust to loyally do the jobs they were hired to do are undermining and obstructing him and his Administration at every turn. He’s pissed, as well he should be, and he is saying so right out loud. That is the principal message of the treason remarks.
Of course it is treason, it ought to be stopped, hell, it ought never have started in the first place. And yes, those civil servants who betray the nation’s trust; note, not just Trump’s trust, the nation’s trust; have not only earned the threat of consequences but fully deserve the weighty consequences the law provides. “Pour encourager les autres.” Google it.
The fact that Lefties have lost their collective minds and that their revolt against the social compact that has characterized our national history to an unprecedented extent is evidence that the nation is already broken, and in my opinion, broken beyond repair. It is not Trump who has raised up the New KKK in black, Antifa. It is not Trump who has labeled anyone who disagrees with him a NAZI and called all such to be punched. It is not Trump who organized a cabal against legitimate national authority.
Can the nation be said to be whole and healthy when the only legitimate elections are those which Democrats win? Of course this giant temper tantrum over having lost and election Democrats thought it their Divine Right to win is only part of it. Trump is not as deeply implicated in the crimes that the Uniparty, it isn’t just Democrats, routinely commit with impunity. It is that he has threatened to expose them, and this they cannot allow. It is a preemptive war, bring him down before he brings them down.
Unfortunately for them the entire reason Trump was elected was that America’s preening, smug, sanctimonious elites have been recognized by America’s Deplorables – note who said that – as venal, incompetent buffoons, that regard ordinary citizens with contempt and whose interests in no way figure in their lofty dystopian dreams. He was elected to break the system. The tragedy is that he has not yet done so.  The hope is that he yet will.