The circus is coming to town

The GOP not only held the Senate, but increased our majority there.  This is good because we don’t have to pander to RINO squishes to get enough votes to confirm Trump’s excellent nominees.  It looks very much like the Donks got hammered in the Senate for their dog and donkey show at the Kavanaugh hearings, which is good.  The question now is, will they learn anything from it?

I say, “not likely.”  My money says that what they see is that their shenanigans fired up their lunatic leftie base.  Sanity would dictate that they would moderate their tone and play nice, or what passes for ‘nice’ in a Demoncrat’s mind.  But if they were sane they wouldn’t be closet (and in many cases out and out) communists masquerading as Americans.

During the last two years as Congressional Republicans have been investigating the collusion of the US intelligence services with the Clinton campaign the deep state has been playing peek-a-boo with Congress’ request for documents.  The Republicans have been really weak on this as every time they ask for something the FBI or whoever either slow walks it over or refuses the request on national security grounds.  Then the Republicans give them a 2nd chance, again and again and again.  “Mr. FBI man, this is your fifth 2nd chance and it is absolutely the last time we’ll ask.  If you don’t give it to us we’ll do something awful, and this time we really mean it.”  They blew their chance.  Pathetic.

In your humble correspondent’s opinion there should never have been a 2nd chance, there should have been Federal Marshals sent in and incarcerations for contempt of Congress.  Now that the Commiecrats are going to be in charge you can bet your bippy that they won’t be so patient and understanding.  It did not help that the President waited so long to declassify the relevant documents and then reversed himself.

During the last two years as the radical Left has worked ceaselessly to engineer a soft coup all Democrat officials had to do was not be crazy, and they couldn’t do it.  All the while they have been freaking out saying the most outlandish things and making the most outrageous threats.  Make no mistake, those threats are a promise of what their policy will be.  Hillary told us that civility could be restored only if the Democrats won.  Well they’ve won a partial victory.  Will it be enough?  Seriously, you had to ask?  Of course not!

Civility is all about dealing with other people with respect and trust and it can only happen when both sides can presume that the other is acting in good faith.  It is what civilized people do.  Civility is for suckers when facing barbarians.  Barbarians will laugh while ripping your guts out.  Lindsey Graham figured that out during the Kavanaugh hearings, pray he does not soon forget.  Pray also that he not be the only Republican so educated.

The Donks will be out of their minds even more than usual, being newly drunk with power and bent on punishing their enemies.  Regardless of Hillary’s disingenuous maunderings she has unconsciously set the agenda, to destroy the enemies of the Progressive Revolution.  Whether the GOP defends itself effectively or not, its going to be a great, great show.

The circus is coming to town, and is not planning to leave any time soon.