Schiff tactics of desperation

Adam Schiff, Devilcrat, shows off his brilliant lying scare tactics again.  How better can he get votes than by scaring the elderly by falsely telling them that the Republicans plan to attack Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  In an email sent to supporters this week he said:

Instead of working to strengthen these programs, Republicans in Congress have announced they plan to cut these programs to pay for the deficit-exploding tax cuts they passed this year for big corporations and wealthy families.

What a load of hooey!  What Sciffty Schiff is  worried about is that Republicans will enact needed reforms to reduce fraud, the very fraud Democrats depend on to sustain their bottomless thirst for graft.  The American people aren’t served when these programs continue to pay benefits to people who have been dead for decades.  I guess this the mechanism by which Democrats use taxpayer dollars to induce the dead to show up and vote.

Its not just Schiff, the Donks are in trouble just about everywhere, and they know it.  As always, if they can’t win by the strength of their arguments and policy proposals …  OK, OK, stop laughing.  They can never win by honestly presenting their proposals in a rational and palatable way, they must always, always, always resort to lies and dirty tricks to confuse and demoralize Republican voters.

So don’t be distracted, focus on what you know, what is certain, vote the straight Republican ticket.  We’ve broken it down for you over here.  Sometimes our candidates leave much to be desired, but even so there can be no real doubt that ANY Republican is better than ANY Democrat.  Show up on Tuesday and be counted.  Any Republican who stays home is in essence casting a vote for the Democrats.  Remember, if its not close they can’t cheat.  They’ll try for sure but there is a limit to how many “lost” ballot boxes can be found in the trunks of Demoncrat cars.

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Because you are all, every last one of you, faithful Patriots who WILL get out and vote the straight Republican ticket on Tuesday, you are invited to a Election Night Watch Party.  Johnny is hosting this, but I’m sure that there will be some kind of charge.

Where: The Wine Cave 2427 Honolulu Ave. Montrose, CA 91020

When: Tuesday, November 6 from 7.00 PM till the champagne pops.