The beginning of the end?

The cosmopolitan elite in the US has been going bonkers over the election of Donald Trump, so much so that they have organized an ongoing but so far unsuccessful soft coup to bring him and all he stands for down.  That effort has had many components acting in concert generally known as #theResistance, a rather transparent attempt to accrue to the plotters and their masses of useful idiots the cachet of honor and glory earned by the Resistance by various underground organizations opposing Hitler’s occupation of France, Holland, Norway and other European nations during WWII.

These self-styled heroes are seeing the denouement of decades of work to bring about the destruction of civilization and the rise of the monolithic New World Order.  Long time devotees of Marxist-Lenninist visions of the triumph of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and the Worker’s Paradise (which turns out be Hell for the workers and Paradise for the Vanguard of the Proletariat), having come so close to the ultimate success of their treason are seeing it undone by Trump and the rise of other uncouth nationalists the world over.  It has melted their brains.

Here in the US they are pulling out all the stops to put paid to this nasty little revolt against their power.  Of course the media propaganda megaphone blaring false prophecies of Trumpian Doom, that we’ve known for a long time.  What’s new is the call to “direct action”, be that in the form of Antifa, harassing and assaulting Republicans in public places, censorship of opposition voices in social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram and economic strangulation by cutting off offending enterprises from payment portals such as business credit card accounts, PayPal, GoFundMe and Indiegogo, to name a few.

The Soros funded Vast Left Wing Conspirators scream endlessly about the imaginary Vast Right Wing Conspiracy they have concocted from their own odium and fear driven projections to serve as a focus against which to drive the ignorant, gullible masses into their camp with ever more frantic calls to ever more frenzied Two Minutes of Hate rituals.  But the more they howl and posture and dance and wave the threadbare bloody flag the more absurd their claims become and the more transparently false they are seen to be.

The Democrat leadership are still talking up a Blue Wave come November; what else could they do?  But even as they predict victory those predictions are sounding awful hollow, victory is slipping from their grasp; the best they can hope for is a Blue Ripple.  They know it, and it is driving them to do and say even more stupid things to turn a skeptical electorate their way  Everything they do backfires on them.  They will soon have to abandon their donkey logo and change it to a bedraggled coyote.

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