Report from the Candidates’ Forum

Raucous.  If Republicans everywhere are as fired up as the audience supporting Johnny Nalbandian and Mark Reed (running against Rep. Brad Sherman (D) in the 30th District) not only won’t there be a Blue Wave, there will be a Crimson Tsunami.  I expect that there must have been some Democrats present other than the candidates Schiff and Sherman, but they kept it to themselves if there were.  I was told by those who I suppose know, that this evening’s crowd was far livelier than usual.

On the one hand it was nice to be among the vocal majority for once, on the other the Republicans were boisterous to the point that it was detrimental to the general proceedings and was ultimately not helpful to the Republican candidates.  The rule was that if the supporters of one or another candidate disrupted the proceedings then the opposition candidate would be allotted additional time to speak in compensation.  As a result the Democrat candidates got more air time.

I am sure that Abe Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas would have been perfectly at home facing such a spirited crowd, when American civility was more bumptious than is common today.  “Spirited” here being a euphemism for “rude.”  Certainly my middle class gentility (make of THAT what you will!) was uncomfortable with the crowd’s high jinx.

The moderator from the League of Women Voters, whose name I regrettably forget, had a tough gig.  The crowd got away from her early and she never got them back under control.  I must say, however that she did sterling work this evening, and she has one of the most impressive “You kids better behave” faces I have ever seen, even better than my mother’s whose gimlet glare was able to freeze charging bulls in their tracks and make them slink away whimpering in terror and shame.

The questions posed by the League of Women Voters was OK.  They weren’t able to get all the proposed questions as the disruptions of the crowd forced a delay of game.  As I count it they were only able to get to eight of the proposed twelve questions.  I found the questions framed in left of center terms (what else did we expect?), and gave the candidates the opportunity to express their ideas.

The two Demoncrats are both lawyers, and not surprisingly their answers were slicker than greased goose guano.  They had nothing new to say, but spewed the Party Line in the usual way (Disinformation coming and going).  The crowd must be devotees of this humble blog (there is no other way to explain it) as they howled with derision every time one of the Commiecrats let loose a whopper.  Our two Republicans were a little rough around the edges, but acquitted themselves well.  They were both able to express a solid commitment to Constitutional conservative principles in a believable way.

The questions, as best I’m able to reconstruct them from my illegible notes, dealt with the following:

  1. Immigration
  2. The immanent danger of Global Warming
  3. Proposals to alter the Supreme Court and how Justices are chosen.
  4. Voting rights and voter suppression.
  5. Alterations to Obamacare’s individual mandate.
  6. Election security
  7. Homeland security
  8. Gun violence

The entire thing is available on the web at the Burbank City Council site, sorry, I don’t have the URL.  I don’t propose to relate a blow by blow narrative, if you are interested Google, though not your friend, is still useful, look it up.  Besides, its getting late, I have to work tomorrow and the Scotch is catching up with me.

That’s way it is.  This is Tamquam Leo Rugiens reporting for the Republican Club of the Foothills, good night.

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