Aftermath – realization

I am not a cruel man, it pains me to see poor, dumb animals suffer, it even pains me to see my enemies suffer; which does not preclude me from gleefully inflicting that suffering on them, or laughing out loud when they inflict it on themselves.  So I felt a little uncomfortable watching this video.  I also felt elated.  (h/t American Digest)

Facepalm Feinstein is not an unintelligent woman, she has been made stupid by selling her soul to Marxism’s stupid promises.  What I see here is a woman who in the calm after the storm realizes that the consequences of what she has done will descend upon her, her Party and the Revolution she served in exchange for power.  Most of her Party are still blind to the consequences of what they have unleashed and will desperately push their failed agenda with the same counterproductive hysteria that failed to achieve their aims in the Kavanaugh confirmation process.  I believe she sees.

What we see here is the face of the Democratic Party come November 7.

Power is a drug for some people.  As with any drug it can be and frequently is addictive.  It is in the nature of addiction to crave the drug above all things, lose connection reality while using it, and suffer the consequences of distorted decisions made under the influence once the the high has worn off.  The problem with the addict is that it becomes a cycle necessitating ever larger doses of the drug to manage the feelings of self loathing that come from contemplating failure.

Every addict becomes a psychopath when in the grip of this disease, and every person dependent on that addict becomes unbalanced in response to the addict’s behavior.  This is true on the individual level, the family level and the national level.  Because the drug in question is power, those in authority have sought to bind us ever more closely by increasing the scope of government and making us more and more dependent on it.

To do this the Marxist model must unbind us from our old source of power, God, family and personal morality.  This is why the Founders so emphasized these very things, these make us free.  This is why every Communist, Socialist and Progressive regime has specifically and relentlessly attacked these things, without them we become dependent on the cheap substitutes they offer: the deified Fearless Leader, the State as Mega-Daddy, social control of the collective conscience.

It seems to me that DiFi’s world is crashing down around her ears.  Without Power she is hollow, empty, her life meaningless, full of pain, sorrow and self pity.  I would not be the least bit surprised if she were to commit suicide.  I pray that she repents, and comes to believe the Good News.  Until then there can be no forgiveness and reconciliation.

Addicts will do literally anything to hold on to their supply, and are most dangerous when that supply is threatened.  I strongly suspect that over the course of the next few weeks we are going to be ‘living in interesting times.’  We must renew our determination to press of with our efforts to separate these people from the power they crave.  We must also be prudent about the danger their flailing about can cause.  Stay away from crowds.  Maintain situational awareness.  Always have a Plan B to get away if things start to get rowdy.

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  1. Wow, what a great evaluation of the mental contortions of those people, and the commentary, so pithy and accurate. Thank you.

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