Phone number corrections

A thousand million apologies for having provided some bum numbers in recent posts.  So I’ve updated these Sentors’ numbers, focusing on their Washington offices.

Joe Manchin 202-224-3954 – message in voice mail
Susan Collins 202-224-2523 – message in voice mail
Lisa Murkowski 202-224-6665 – message in voice mail
Jon Tester 202-224-2644 – The only one where I got a live staff member.
Heidi Heitkamp 202-224-2043 – Evidently she is swamped, could not even reach voice                 mail.  Got through to her Minot office 1-701-852-0703 – message in voice mail
Jeff Flake 202-224-3370 – message in voice mail

My message was as follows:

Hi, my name  is Tamquam Leo Rugiens and I would like to express my support for Judge Kavanaugh.  I would like the Senator to vote in favor of his confirmation and put an end to this disgraceful travesty in Washington.  Thank you.

Go ye and do likewise.  Then do it again tomorrow and the day after until Kavanaugh is confirmed.