Flush Schiff

In our July 27th Republican Club meeting it was decided that the Club should prioritize the electoral defeat of Adam Schiff.  It also became painfully apparent that we didn’t have enough information to effectively assist in doing so.  At that point we didn’t even know, to our shame, who Schiff’s opponent would be in November’s general election.

Now we know.

Meet Johnny Nalbandian.  I had the priviledge of sharing a light dinner with him yesterday evening and I believe he is a viable contender.  I won’t go into his background, he’s got web pages for that.  Go have a look.  I found him to be a man of enormous energy and conviction with a sound grasp of the issues immediately facing the nation and the 28th Congressional District, and a clear understanding of the underlying malaise afflicting California in particular and the country generally.  I like him as a man, as a conservative and as a genuine, rock-ribbed Republican.

So why do I like him, and why do I think he can win?  A lot of reasons.  First, he’s not a theoretician, he has a lot of experience in the real world of business and commerce.  He has started and run his own successful business.  He has worked with various associations within this industry as well as other associated industries.  This man is no dreamer, he knows what reality is, and what it takes to shape reality to his dreams and aspirations.  He has proved that he has energy, focus, grit and drive.  He’s not a guy to let himself be swayed by the Donk’s smoke and mirror rhetoric or fall for their Lucy and the football promises.

Second, he loves America.  As the son of refugees who fled Communism he knows just how awful the alternatives to America can be.  In speaking to him it is clear that he hates the Left’s disdain for the Constitution, and he hates what they have done to California.  But beyond hating the failed policies of the Democrats and loving America, he passionately believes that the American people have it within themselves to repudiate those failed policies, to embrace true Constitutional values and not simply restore America but to enlarge it beyond her former glory.

Third, this guy is no shrinking violet, no hot house flower.  He speaks with the power and directness of a man who has not dedicated his life to ingratiating himself to others; he’s not polished, he does not pander.  He’s from New Jersey and the wharfs, and it shows.  He’s blunt, direct, he’s got a rough edge to him but he’s not crass.  He’s not a man about whom you’ll have to be trying to guess what his real purposes are; he’s got integrity.  My impression is that he fights hard for what he wants, and will fight hard for what the communities of the 28th district want and need.

In meeting with Johnny I had two purposes: one, to ascertain if he was the real McCoy, I believe he is, as you can see; two, to find out what he needs and how we can help.  If we’re going to flush Schiff back into the sewers from which he came we’re going to have to help him. He told me what he needs.

The first thing he asked for is people.  He’s having a town hall on September 26th, the first of three, and he would love to see real Republicans show up to support him.  The next two Town halls will be announced, but there is to be a Candidate Forum on October 24th in which two Republicans (Johnny Nalbandian and Mark Reed) will debate two Democrats (Adam Schiff and some other shmuck).  So that’s one thing, show up and support our candidate.

The other thing he asked for is money.  Schiff has something like a $4,000,000 war chest funded by Marxist billionaires.  Johnny, like all Republican candidates, is running on fumes.  He could only give me two yard signs, all he had, because he orders them as donations come in to the sadly limited extent that they do come in.  Yes, he has more coming, but still, these things don’t make themselves.  Go to his website NOW and donate GENEROUSLY to him.  He’s exhausted his savings and depends on fellow Republicans to keep going.  You guys want to unseat Schiff, now put your money where your mouth is.

Please note that I will shortly have precinct walking lists available.  I suggest a modest donation to the Republican Club as the Club paid to get these lists.  I will shortly also have related mailing labels and will provide materials that you guys can print a few at a time on your home computer (or Office Depot) and send to your neighborhoods.

Finally there’s this.  While we were inside talking some Schiff supporting loser expressed his opinion and left it under Johnny’s windshield wipers.  It turns out that these Donk Dupes drive as well as they write.  Behold the brilliance and be amazed!

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