The Alabama cat that swallowed the canary

Funny how the President and the Attorney General have these little love spats going on from time to time.  If I didn’t know better I’d think it was a smoke screen.  For a brief second in this video Sessions looks like the cat that swallowed the canary while denying everything.  Maybe this Alabama kitty will present us with an October surprise.  Sure hope so!  (click the little blue bird on the right under the video of you can’t get it to run.)

Jenny Moore, R.I.P.

Given the Clintons’ murderous nature he’d better be cagey about what he’s up to.  It seems that just recently another body connected to the Clintons was discovered dead in her hotel room.  It almost seems as if they actually care about what the Deplorables™ think.  I guess I should be touched, just not by them.

45000+ sealed indictments.  Somebody’s been keeping track of a lot of naughty boys and girls, and is getting ready to hand out lumps of coal.

Stock up on popcorn.