Dangerous precedents

One of the most shocking and little remarked upon things in this whole Russia collusion concoction is the jailing of Paul Manafort without bail pending trial.  Not just in jail, but just to make point, solitary confinement.  Now I grant that Manafort is an arrogant idiot – he is a lawyer, after all – who can’t keep his mouth shut to save his soul. But since when is being a big shot loud mouth a crime?  Is he a danger to himself or others?  There is no evidence of that.  Even if he were on the verge of fleeing the country the normal procedure would be to confiscate his passport and put one of those electronic tracker bracelets on his ankle.

Supposedly he was involved in witness tampering.  Maybe, maybe not, but that is not what his trial is about.  It is about having lobbied on behalf of Ukraine (close to but not quite Russia) without having registered as an agent, charges of which he was exonerated eight years ago by none other than Rod Rosenstein.  No, what we have here is a new precedent: the imprisoning of citizens on political grounds.  More on Manafort in the below video.

Oh, and was it really Russia, or are they just the ham fisted fall guys?


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