Separation anxiety

One of my Facebook adversaries posted a link to a Stephen Colbert video ripping the immigration situation, particularly the separating of children from their parents.  As I deplore that vile excuse for a comedian I won’t post a link here.  If you’re really interested get out your google.  Well I have to say that Colbert is great at simulating comedy while putting out the all important Progressive propaganda concocted from half truths, distortions and outright lies. I’d fisk it but then I’d have to watch it again.

The more it changes the more it stays the same.

So am I willing to be manipulated into going along with as suicide pact? Why, of course! Please, replace me and other Constitutionally minded US citizens with hordes of foreigners who know nothing and care less about me, my forefathers and the nation we built and defended.  By all means, send us foreigners who having proved over the course of centuries that they are incapable of building a civilization that is not a blood soaked hell hole fit only to flee and which are certainly ready, willing and able to turn America into a blood soaked hell hole, because, you know, that is far better than being thought of as ‘bad’ by you, Mr. Colbert, and other morally superior people in the preening mutual admiration society that is the Left.

Yes, yes please, bring them in by boxcar load and put their upkeep on my IRS tab, because, you know, the poor benighted Democrats are reaping the fruit of their own demographic time bomb and that’s just too sad.  Awww!  Oh, and I just love how Mr. C. and his wonderful Neo Marxist buddies, who have in the past taken great delight in demonstrating their unassailable virtue all over everybody as they mocked and derided us as gun loving, Bible thumping, slack jawed, knuckle dragging, God bothering troglodytes have now suddenly found true religion (Look!  There goes separation of church and state!) and can quote from our own holy book and show us again how narrow minded, bigoted, backwards, ignorant and wicked we truly are. Praise Jesus! I’m ready, LORD, take me now! I’ve seen it all.

And I’ve had enough.

In general kids should not be separated from their parents except if the parent is abusive (negligent, violent, etc), incompetent (sick, drugged out, etc) or incarcerated. I don’t even think kids should be sent to daycare, as that benefits the parents’ employers and is detrimental to the family. Families are at their best when together, and society needs strong families. This is all the result of politics. Now that Trump has surrendered and agreed to incarcerate families together I think things will be better for the kids. So that’s the end of that, right?  Don’t hold your breath.

But I have questions.

At the root of this mess is the attempt to create a permanent Democratic majority by importing people who tend to vote Democrat and bribing them with taxpayer dollars. This whole argument about SUDDENLY! compassion for the children is a cynical manipulation by the Dems to get you to unwittingly buy into their agenda. Because, it seems, they don’t have logical, rational arguments that persuade thoughtful people to their cause. That alone is enough to elicit a “Hell , no!”

My personal theory.

Immaculate Barry’s Administration did it the same way until they switched to catch and release. Remember back in 2013, 2014 and 2015 when tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors were crashing the border?  They were already separated from their families. What do you think they did with those kids? Ask the question: “Who’s paying for this? Who’s paying the organizers, the managers, drivers and handlers and the bribes that make it possible? Who’s paying for the marketing to make these people believe they can just waltz in and get hooked up to the welfare system? Who’s paying for the instructional materials distributed in their native places that tells them how to game the system and get the bennies?” That is enough to elicit a second, and stronger, “Hell, no!”

To hear the Progs talk you’d think these kids were being shoved into kennels with bare concrete floors and maybe a water dish on the floor. Not the case.

Then comes the bottom line, this is where the rubber meets road: How many of these people are you Lefties willing to take into your own homes and sustain at your own expense? That’s true Christian charity. Telling me that I have to pony up to pay the government to do what you will not is not charity, Christian or otherwise. Are you willing to start a charitable organization to encourage and assist private individuals to do the same while not taking a dime of taxpayer money? If not I call BS on you and this whole ginned up outrage machine.

So shut your fat yap.

The current system is a political sausage machine. I’m certain there are about 100 better ways, but nobody in DC or Sacramento has the b@lls to face their own sh!t and take responsibility for cleaning it up. The system is corrupt from top to bottom.  Just the other day I saw a report that the system was so inundated between 2013 and 2015 that the government agencies were looking for volunteers to help with the overflow with the result that not a few of these kids wound up in the hands of child traffickers. This was discovered recently when a bunch of these kids were found to have been used as slave labor on a farm in Ohio since that time. And there was worse, about which I *don’t* want to think.  Once again, government doing for us what we would never think of doing for ourselves.

Build the damned wall, already.  And stop with the sanctimonious hype, we already saw through it.