The Inspector General’s report has come out on the antics of the FBI and the *ahem* Justice Department.  Where to begin?  How about Peter Strzok?  We’ve heard about him before.  Incidentally, he was escorted out of FBI headquarters last week.  Hopefully he is going to a nice cell in Club Fed so deep that they will have to pump sunshine to him for the rest of his treasonous life.

He was once head of counter intelligence, that is, catching foreign spies.  Anyone who’s ever read Le Carré (I have it on good authority that he actually knew a thing or six about clandestine intelligence operations) knows that the first commandment of intelligence work is don’t get embroiled in extramarital affairs, they open one to blackmail, potentially compromising the operation and the organization.  That he was double dipping with his colleague Lisa Page, a married DOJ lawyer, and the FBI either didn’t catch it or didn’t care was the first major, MAJOR, M*A*J*O*R clue that something was desperately rotten.  Then it turns out that they weren’t the only two doing the ba-doink-a-doink two-step out of bounds.  It sounds like something concocted by Ian Fleming who knew more about Aston Martins and martinis than spy craft.

This was supposed to be the A Team.  It simply beggars belief.  We are SO hosed.

Some political bias was found.  SOME!  Was that perhaps because the whole damned organization is so swimming in political bias that they can’t see it any more than a fish sees water?  Seems likely.  Given the statements made by various agents even beyond Petey and Lisa, there can be no other explanation.  So convinced were they of the rightness of their cause, elevating Hillary Clinton to the Presidency and stopping Donald Trump, that everything was subordinated to that.  The pretence of professional objectivity?  Gone!  Adherence to professional standards and practices?   Poof!  Breaking the law?  Okay!  Fidelity to their oath to the Constitution?  You’re kidding, right?  The FBI became an organ of the Democratic Party, which is to say, an organ of the Communist Party.

It turns out that numerous FBI agents were taking bribes from persons in the media.  They were being offered expensive tickets to sporting events, meals, golf dates, trips, invitations to exclusive events with persons of importance and wealth, presumably in exchange for leaking information on the ongoing coup attempt against Candidate, then President Trump.  So it occurs to me to ask, if the damned media, which is a corpse propped up by propagandist’s money, can get this kind of access to classified stuff, what must the intelligence services of our enemies and allies be getting?  But they can stonewall Congress just fine.  And Congress takes it.  But maybe not, Chairman Nunez just the other day says, “Give us the dope in a week or this time we’ll be really mad.”

We are so hosed.

A lot of people are thinking (Joseph Klein at Front Page MagBrandon Weichert at American GreatnessConrad Black at American GreatnessInvestor’s Business DailyJohn GaltGeorge Ure at Urban SurvivalFormer I.G. investigator Ed Timperlake at American ThinkerMike at Cold Fury, Don SurberJames Kunstler) that the IG report, as presented to the public, is ‘way watered down, and that what was presented to Congress is rather sterner.  But even so it is entirely possible that it doesn’t tell the whole story, and that, bad as it is, it’s a big CYA for the Bureau.  Still, its enough to get heads rolling.  I think it likely that more will be revealed.  Good summary with commentary at this video.

But will heads actually roll?

One of the reasons the Deep State is such a dark and terrible monster is that it has its operatives in key positions to protect other key operatives.  It came out last week that Henry J Kerner (Henry Kerner), as a former McCain senior staff official, was part of a bipartisan DC team which constructed the IRS weaponization program to target the Tea Party.  The Conservative Treehouse has the details:

Henry Kerner is Special Counsel in charge of all “whistle-blowing” witnesses and cases of government corruption.  Henry Kerner controls the events as the lead official, the Special Counsel in charge of the Office of Special Counsel; and he is in the position to manipulate/control any investigative outcome.

But wait, historic sunlight makes it much worse.

WASHINGTON – Mr. Kerner graduated from Harvard Law School and spent nearly 20 years working as a career prosecutor in California.

After law school, he joined the staff of the House Oversight Committee, under Chairman Darrell Issa, the chief investigative committee of the United States House of Representatives.

Under Chairman Issa, and later, Chairman Chaffetz, he led investigations of the Federal bureaucracy and fought on behalf of whistleblowers to protect American taxpayers.

Mr. Kerner was the Staff Director under Ranking Member Sen. John McCain of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, the lead investigative committee of Congress.

He then became a Vice President at Cause of Action, a nonpartisan oversight group committed to exposing waste, fraud and abuse in the Federal Government and which has worked with whistleblower and good government groups throughout the country.  (link)

But there is some room for optimism.  As I mentioned, Strzok was escorted out of the FBI HQ and has been subpoenaed, Henry Kerner is being exposed, and look at this:  Joshua Adam Schulte Charged With The Unauthorized Disclosure Of Classified Information And Other Offenses Relating To The Theft Of Classified Material From The Central Intelligence Agency.  Also he had a boat load of kiddie porn on his laptop.  What is it with traitors and kiddie porn?  He was in a good position to run top cover for a lot of people from inside the CIA.  I’ve also seen reports that numerous FBI personnel have contacted members of Congress and begged to be subpoenaed.

Finally, it should be noted that the Left is running scared.  The whole “putting kids in cages” insanity is unquestionably an attempt to deflect attention from the evidence that is exposing them for the traitors they are.  The hysteria over this is winding down as it is clear that the American people are not outraged and will not be deflected.  On the one hand it is good evidence that they are feeling exposed and vulnerable.  On the other hand, there is nothing more dangerous than a cornered animal.

I think things are coming to a head.  Stay away from crowds and keep your powder dry.