Oppose the Ryan amnesty today!

Dear friends,
The House of Representatives will finally vote on Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s (R-Va.) H.R. 4760, the Securing America’s Future Act. Unfortunately, it will also vote on harmful legislation that House Leadership and Pres. Trump are supporting — the Ryan Amnesty plan.
House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Amnesty plan uses the same playbook as the Gang of 8 by granting amnesty to more than 1.8 million illegal aliens with only promises of future enforcement.
We need your urgent phone calls TODAY, telling your U.S. Representative to oppose the Ryan Amnesty plan.
Tell them to go Goodlatte and reject Ryan!
Why is the Ryan Amnesty plan so bad?
Amnesty First, Enforcement Maybe Later — The Ryan Amnesty makes the same mistakes of past amnesties by immediately granting “contingent nonimmigration status” to an estimated 1.8-2.4 million illegal aliens with only promises of enforcement. The legalized status and work permits can never be taken away.
Special Path to Citizenship — The Ryan Amnesty plan creates a special merit-based green card system for issuing green cards to amnestied illegal aliens. The special merit-based system would end in 25-30 years once every eligible illegal alien has received a green card.
No E-Verify — The Ryan Amnesty plan lacks an E-Verify mandate, allowing employers to continue to hire illegal workers. Without an E-Verify mandate, illegal immigration will continue, and Congress will be pressured to pass future amnesties.
Partial end to Chain Migration — The Ryan Amnesty plan only eliminates two chain migration categories, leaving the parents category in place. The parents category is the largest of the family-chain categories, issuing 173,854 green cards in 2016. By leaving this category in place, DACA-eligible illegal aliens who receive the amnesty would be able to reward their parents by eventually sponsoring them for green cards.
Border Security…maybe — The Ryan Amnesty plan includes $25 billion for improving border security, however the funding could be rescinded by a future Congress or President. The Ryan Amnesty adds a “trigger” that would block illegal aliens from receiving green cards if the funding is rescinded, but they would keep their legal status and work permits forever.
The Goodlatte bill is the only proposal in Congress that would prevent future amnesties by requiring employers to use E-Verify and immediately reduce the number of green cards issued to foreign workers each year. NumbersUSA has supported the Goodlatte bill since its introduction earlier this year, but we must stop the Ryan Amnesty plan from passing the House!
Please call today!
Tell them to go Goodlatte and reject Ryan!
H/T:  Numbers USA Urgent Action!
Chris Chmielenski, Deputy Director