The caravan of asylum seekers has reached our southern border and they want in.  Why don’t they seek asylum in Mexico, which is a country in which they would be safe from whatever wicked regime was persecuting them?  Because Mexico doesn’t have a welfare system for non-Mexicans.  Mexican welfare is for Mexicans only, and is pretty bare bones at that.  So, no handouts in Mexico, the pot of gold is north of the Rio Grande.

Turns out that Mexico has pretty stringent border controls on their southern border, and a fence too.  They don’t take kindly to folks who just traipse across it, they send them back PDQ and make their displeasure felt.  So how is it that a small army of ‘asylum seekers’ got across the Mexican border and weren’t kicked right back out?  How is it that all these people wended their way through Mexico unmolested by either the Narcos or the Federales, were guided, fed, sheltered and made famous on US TV screens?  The reporting on this pretty much leads one to conclude that these folks gathered and began their trek spontaneously. WARNING!  DO NOT DRINK AND READ THE FOLLOWING AS IT MAY BE DANGEROUS FOR YOUR KEYBOARD’S HEALTH! How is it that entire platoons of good hearted lawyers are stepping up to give these destitute caravaners pro bono legal advice?

B.S.  This was conceived, planned, organized, is being maintained and directed by someone.  Who?  I can pretty well tell you that it isn’t the Mexican government, officials in the Mexican government are being paid off to facilitate it.  The size of the project means that a lot of officials had to be paid off at all levels; nothing moves in Mexico without somebody’s palm being greased.  I’m not interested in who’s taking the money, everybody’s taking money, guaranteed, what interests me is who’s shelling it out, who’s the fixer and who’re the bagmen.  Oops, how sexist of me, I meant to say “bagpersons.”  So sorry.

A word to Lefties who want to be outraged that I, who lived in Mexico for 14 years, should be so racist as to suggest that Mexican officials take bribes: ¡No seas pendejo, cabrón!

I’m sure that someone in the Administration has asked these elementary questions and has the answers.  I would like so suggest that the Administration send hard eyed, unsmiling men to make these people compelling offers to either desist or have it bruited about that they will be scheduled to testify against Hillary in Federal Court next week.

Another question comes to mind: what is the purpose of mounting this astroturf extravaganza?  The short answer: Usher in the Communist Revolution and set up the dictatorship of the proletariat elites.

For one thing, it is going to energize the useful idiots who truly think that the US has a moral obligation to indiscriminately welcome the wretched refuse of every sh!t hole country’s teeming shore.  This is Jorge Ramos’ schtick.  So the Dem’s base gets excited and feels like the Party is saving the world.  Which leads to more Birkenstocks on the ground and dollars in the coffers.  This is working, albeit not as well as hoped.

It attempts to frame the Administration as cruel because it forces these poor, deserving people to remain outside in less than standard American middle class circumstances.  This is intended to foment a public backlash that will embarrass the Administration and force them to relax their immigration policy.  This is not working so far.

In the long term it will create more Donk voters to legitimize their hold on power unto the ages of the ages.  This is an ongoing effort and it is successful.

In the short term this will force governments to spend more money and resources dealing with these people, weakening the system and helping to drive into collapse.  I’m surprised they aren’t teaching them O Susanah and making it the official marching song.

As the majority of these people will never integrate it will continue to dilute American culture, changing it beyond recognition or recovery.  Successful so far.

This is one of the great ills that Trump pledged to end.  So far so good, but faster please.




Addendum;  In your charity won’t you please pray for my sister-in-law?  Her lower rear molar was pulled last week and it was discovered that the tissue underneath was black – necrotic.  As yet no diagnosis nor prognosis.  Her name is Becky.