Will they never shut up?

Evidently not.  Six weeks plus after the Parkland school shooting the Left is still hammering away at gun control.  For some strange reason they seem to think that if they try hard enough to jam it down America’s throat we’ll all just swallow it and say “Thankee.”  I think NOT!

Front and center are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Twerps led by the unfortunate David Hogg, who at the least is certainly an attention hog.  Sadly all the attention has begun to break down his psyche and the alleged savoir faire with which he faced the media.  It turns out that he has quite the potty mouth when he’s provoked to anger.  And he certainly knew how to go after Laura Ingraham.  David, David, know you not that whom the gods would destroy they first make mad?  Well, in all fairness, that goes for all the Marching Morons of the Socialist Left.

It must be admitted that Laura made a grave tactical error, not because she taunted young Master Hogg for being unable to get accepted at any university to which he had applied with a 1.0 grade average (don’t know if that is his true GPA or not).  Laura, dear heart, I love you madly, but please, NEVER apologize to a leftist lunatic.  It only encourages them.  You should have said something like, “David, you have stepped up to play in the long pants league.  If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.”  Same goes for you, gentle readers.  NEVER, but NEVER apologize to the Orcs.

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So the Teenage Mutant Ninja Twerps, we are told, spontaneously organized a national movement that resulted in a school walkout and a big march on the National Mall in the Hive of Scum and Villainy Washington DC last week.  Supposedly all the Wannabe Teenage Mutant Morons in the whole wide world were scheduled to show up.  But the folks that showed up were only about 25% of the expected crowd, average age: 49.  But it turns out that the March 24 date was booked months in advance, and it wasn’t the Twerps that organized it.  It was total astroturf agitprop from start to finish. Unexpectedly.

In their mad rush to push the nation to disarm itself in preparation for the inevitable triumph of Socialism the Left has begun to admit what their goal has been all along, not common sense gun laws but repeal of the 2nd Amendment and total confiscation of our guns.  First we had retired Justice Stevens, and now we have Rep. Debbie “Dingbat” Dingell (D-MI) and Rep. Fred “What’s Up” Upton (R-MI) introducing legislation to create a Federal law allowing firearm confiscation orders.  This would work by declaring certain people to be a danger to themselves and others and so be targeted to be forcefully disarmed.  If they were to attempt it all at once the madness would stop, but because they advance by, in Rush Limaugh’s phrase “creeping incrementalism”, most people won’t notice until suddenly they are labelled as dangerous.

Meanwhile the law of unexpected consequences kicks in and there’s pushback.  Gun sales are, once again, upThe 2nd Amendment is viewed more favorably by Millenials than by Generation XStudents in Rockridge, Florida, staged a school walkout last Friday in support of the right to keep and bear arms.  Pushback is not without cost, and so it is that a High School history teacher in Rocklin California was suspended for daring to discuss in class whether students should have the right to stage walkouts for right wing as well as left wing causes.

A few weeks ago your humble (so NOT!) correspondent was considering the purchase of a Ruger SR-762, a solid contender for plinking and general all-around bad-assery.  Of course it would have to be ‘Californicated’ to suit the wimps in Sacramento who don’t know a clip from a magazine or an assault rifle from a varmint gun. But upon mature (ahem) consideration and subject to immediate availability, yours truly has given serious consideration to the more traditional Springfield M1A SOCOM 16, a civilian version of the venerable M14, which also fires the .308 AKA the 7.62 NATO round.  Heh.

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So it occurs to me that that some members of the Republican Club of the Foothills might be interested in exercising their 2nd Amendment rights at the Angels Shooting Ranges on April 17, which just happens to be Income Tax Day this year.  I propose to be out there at about 12.00 noon or shortly after, just to discharge a little frustration at being so viciously bled, and have a good time sending hot lead downrange.  I will bring a lunch and stay till 2.00 pm.  So bring your shootin’ irons, get some much needed practice and have a fun time.  Besides, if the info on the website is correct, old codgers get a discount on Tuesdays.  Not, mind you, that I admit to being an old codger.

Date and time: April 17, 2018, 12 Noon-ish to 2.00 PM.

Address: 12651 N. Little Tujunga Canyon Road., Lake View Terrace, CA 91342

Bring your own food and beverage.  We could make it like a picnic.