Much to talk about today, and no time.

Just begging for a punch in the kisser.

The continuing resolution to fund the government until October, remember Porkulus? Welcome to Super Porkulus.  1. The Republicans control House, Senate and Presidency and they still won’t – not can’t, won’t – do what they were elected to do, restore a measure of Constitutional sanity to government.  Democrats boast that they got 80% of what they wanted.  WHAT!?!?!?!  When did Republicans ever get even 30% of what they wanted when the Donks were in control?  It was better when the GOP was in opposition and pretended to fight.  There’s a mighty rump kickin’ coming.

The Destruction Party is having fits about a citizenship question on census forms.  Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green ‘splain it to you.

School shootings and random bombings, are they connected?  Hell yes.  The war on men that starts when they are boys.  If you psychologically and spiritually castrate boys by attempting to turn them into nice little girls they are going to be angry.  It is not necessary that they understand what is being done to them.  Tear down their healthy role models and replace them with “Strong Women”, emasculate them chemically, undermine their status, denigrate their role in society, rob them of their natural purpose and their hope for the future, strip them of any religious constraints, demand that they not react to the violence done them and then be all shocked when their justified rage explodes.  Doesn’t sound like a winner to me.

The Parkland Kids Travelling Gun Control Agitprop and Bad Medicine Show continues to be well funded and be promoted by all the right, that is, Left, propaganda outlets.  All this publicity actually has two purposes, one overt: convince Americans to disarm or be disarmed;  the other covert: keep the idea of mass shootings before the eyes of enraged boys and guide their fantasies along pre-determined paths.  Humans are mimetic, we mimic one another, this is what runs the fashion industry.  By continually repeating this the media provides a model, gives a permission and is hoping to establish a fashion trend.  The amazing thing is that it has not produced more results than it has.

Outta time, gotta run.  Chat again soon.