Too dense for dissonance?

According to Simply Psychology, Cognitive dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. This produces a feeling of discomfort leading to an alteration in one of the attitudes, beliefs or behaviors to reduce the discomfort and restore balance etc.”  It is an important mechanism by which people adjust their beliefs in light of reality.

It presupposes a certain self awareness, though.  Self awareness is not the Left’s long suit, which is one of the marks of successful indoctrination.

Part of the task of Conservatives and Republicans has to pointedly and even trenchantly point out those contradictions.  Direct argument is not as effective in changing people’s point of view because a direct assault on a strongly held belief is a threat and places the Lefty on the defensive.  The more their doctrine is threatened the more deeply they will entrench themselves in dogmatic certainty, making it even harder for them to break out of it in the future.  Better to allow the logical contradictions to subvert their beliefs from within.

Over at the People’s Cube Oleg Atbashian has set out a number of such contradictions.  Below is one example, but a little thought will turn up dozens of similar exemplars.

  • America is capitalist and greedy — yet half of the population is subsidized.
  • Half of the population is subsidized — yet they think they are victims.
  • They think they are victims — yet their representatives run the government.
  • Their representatives run the government — yet the poor keep getting poorer.
  • The poor keep getting poorer — yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about.
  • They have things that people in other countries only dream about — yet they want America to be more like those other countries.

In arguing with Leftists can be fun as well as frustrating.  The trick is, in the first place, don’t go for winning the argument, point out the contradictions then let their own minds chew on it later.  Second, don’t expect instant capitulation, this is a long term process. Third, don’t get mad, use humor where possible.

Finally, for those so inclined, pray the Holy Spirit to enlighten both your minds with the truth, there is not a one of us that doesn’t have something to learn.

Shall we allow the Western world to end with a whimper?

Of course not all Muslims are bloodthirsty fanatics, probably not even a majority. But it only takes a tireless, dedicated minority to effect successful jihad. And such a minority does in fact exist.  What is worse, repeated surveys show that this tireless minority’s dedication to the overthrow of America and the West is supported by a majority of Muslims.

The word ‘Islam’ is frequently mistranslated as ‘peace’.  The correct translation of the term ‘Islam’ is ‘surrender’ or ‘submission’.  Peace is achieved by the victory of the followers of Muhammed over their foes; and everyone who is not a follower of Muhammed is a foe.

In the video below Dr. Bill Warner discusses the embarrassed silence that reigns when anyone dares to voice a criticism of Islam, and why that silence must be broken.


Plan ahead for April

The next Republican Club dinner talk will be on Wednesday, April 5, 2017.

Featuring Stephen Frank Speaking on “The State of Politics in California Facing 2018”

Where: John XXIII Room, Parish Center, St. Bede’s Catholic Church, 215 Foothill Blvd, La Canada, 91011 (parking entrance on Crown)
Catered by: Elser of Ali Catering, Chinese food.  Last month was a total SNAFU.  We of the new Club administration beat our collective breasts and humbly apologize to everybody, especially those who didn’t eat much or didn’t eat at all.  We’ve learned and we will have enough for everybody going forward.
Cost: $20 / person for members; $25 / person non-members; Students $5
RSVP: or 818-248-4600

Since this is primarily an administrative post I’ll just mention a couple of other things.  Please note that April’s meeting is going to be on Wednesday next month.  St. Bedes’s is having an event and the parking lots will be full to overflowing on Tuesday the 4th.  It is sadly inevitable that 10% never get the word; don’t be among that 10%.  Reminders will be sent out beforehand.

Also please note that we have a new mailing address:

Republican Club of the Foothills
PO Box 8064
La Crescenta, CA 91224
This represents a cost savings of $144 annually.
Finally, several Club members, some of whom were on the Board, have moved out of the area or been overwhelmed by life circumstances.  Consequently we are in need of 1. Treasurer; 2. Secretary; Program Chairman.  We would also like someone to develop a publicity or marketing program.  Volunteers can contact the Club via the RSVP contact info: by email at or by leaving a message at 818-248-4600.

Feinstein speaks to the hoi poloi

Yesterday I received an email from Senator Dianne ‘Facepalm’ Feinstein demonstrating her personal commitment to the Democratic Party’s descent into madness.  She proudly announces that she voted ‘No’ to both Rick Perry and Ben Carson nominations, has called for investigations into Attorney General Sessions and Supreme Court Nominee neil Gorsuch.  She’s also calling for more protections privileges for LGBT students and wants Trump to support the Violence Against Women Act.  In short, the whole current Progressive agenda.

What can you expect, Moonbats will be Moonbats.  There’s no Moonbat like and old Moonbat, and certainly Feinstein has grown old in her lunacy.

This is the first time I’ve heard from ol’ Facepalm in a very long time, certainly in over two years.  She didn’t come out swinging this way in support of Hillary ‘Commie Hag’ Clinton.  She hasn’t been out drumming up support for any other Democrat candidate or cause in that time.  And she’s already announced that she is not running for re-election.

So why now?

Because the Left just recently discovered that they don’t own the hearts and minds of most Americans.  Because they just got the backsides handed to them at all levels in most of the nation.  Because they feel the ability to successfully carry out a Socialist revolution slipping out of their grasp.  Because it has been becoming clearer and clearer to more and more ordinary Americans that the Left’s agenda is a recipe for miserable failure.

lBecause Donald Trump pulled their cover, and now they must destroy him.  Because Donald Trump also showed that Conservatism, despite the feeble and spasmodic efforts of the would be Conservative leadership, is far from a spent force in this country, and they are determined to destroy it.  Because they are afraid that if we win we will do to them what they plan to do to us, and they must prevent that.

So they’re pulling out all the stops, calling up even old, spavined war horses like Facepalm Feinstein to stave off defeat.  The hell of it is that Republicans and Conservatives are so disorganized and discouraged in California that they just might be able to win.

What is needed on our part is a constant, unrelenting campaign to targeting our elected representatives at all levels of government with our opinions.  Very often we are not heard by our representatives because we don’t speak.  We need to let them know we are out here, are paying attention to them and we are not alone.  So call old Facepalm and Harris.  Call Schiff and Chu.  Call Ryan, McConnell.  Call those that support your ideas and those that don’t, whether you’re in their district or not.  Call on your State Assembly and Senate members, on your city council members.  Call!

This we know: the Left has paid, organized callers, and internet trolls as well.  No surprise there, they are totalitarian collectivists.  We have to depend on the initiative of Americans.  I will commit to making three calls a day.  Will you?

March’s dinner meeting, a preliminary report

This month’s dinner meeting was by and large a great success.  Which is not to say that Murphy of Murphy’s Law didn’t put in an appearance.  Mots notably 40% more people showed up than RSVP’d, which resulted in a food shortage.  As there was plenty of Margarita Mix and wine still available no rioting ensued.  Management apologizes for the inadvertent famine, and promises even more spirited libations next time.  Priorities, people!  Priorities!

New member George Klump, attending with his wife Barbara, played the piano and led the gathering patriotic songs to open and close the meeting.  Nor were they the only new members to be welcomed by the old timers, the welcome table did a roaring business, accepting the applications of many Republicans who had not previously been aware of the Club.

Tom Passanisi’s talk on Why Trump Won was well received.  It was a great way to initiate his term as Club President.  His talk was largely drawn from a Victor Davis Hanson article at the Hoover Institute with supplemental material from a Real Clear Politics article authored by Sean Trende and David Byler.  Following the President’s talk he opened the floor to questions and comments from the members.  Still no rioting.

All in all the evenings proceedings were declared a success and everyone left feeling optimistic about our prospects as a  Club and as a nation.  What a relief that the Obama era is over!  I just can’t get over how good it feels to say that.  The Obama era is over!


On February 1, 2017 U.C. Berkeley staged a riot to protest the conservative free speech advocate Milo Yiannopoulos who was slated to speak at the behest of the College Republican Club.  The event was shut down before it could even start.

These riots were executed by well trained, well funded leftist agitators who went in dressed in black, with black masks and armed with sticks and pepper spray.  They assaulted and beat attendees (one young man suffered three broken ribs and a concussion), set things on fire, threw Molotov cocktails, smashed windows, all while campus and city police locked themselves in a building and watched.

The violence was instigated by a cadre of about 150 well organized “anti-fascist” barbarians who moved and operated freely among the 1500 people who came to simply protest against Yiannopoulos’ presence on campus.  This is a quantum jump in the level of the Left’s violence against non-conformism.  which to that point had consisted mostly in shouting down anyone expressing an opposing view and loud if generally non-physically violent confrontation.  Now it has become a badge of honor for Leftists [I kid you not] to “Punch a Nazi” to promote love.

Fast forward to March 4 and the pro-Trump rally at Berkeley.  The Anti-Fas (anti-fascist, sic.) came out in force again, determined to show that “Love Trumps Hate” by violence.  Only this time some on the right were prepared to respond to violence with violence.  The most visible of these was a guy from Texas dubbed Based Stick Man who came equipped with shin guards, elbow and knee guards, probably a kevlar vest, a gas mask, a helmet, a round shield and a big stick which he used as needed.

As has become standard operating procedure the police were just standing around doing nothing until it was just about over.  At that time Based Stick Man was arrested and thrown in jail  An online fundraiser was organized and he was subsequently released with all charges dropped. 

The right has responded by escalating against the Left.  You can be sure that the Left will raise the stakes in response.  No none knows, except maybe those on the Left who have gamed this out and planned accordingly, where this will ultimately go.  But it won’t be pretty.

History has amply demonstrated that before taking over a society the Soviets sent the Spetsnaz ahead to foment all kinds of violence against their foes in order to intimidate, confuse and paralyse the population so as to make it unable to effectively defend itself.  Is there some kind of correspondence between what the Sovs used to do and what the Left is doing now?  I doubt very much that the Russian Army will come pouring over America’s borders, but their spiritual descendants are certainly here among us.

Stay away from crowds.

Where there’s faux smoke there’s somebody trying to hide something

Stephan gets a little worked up here, which is somewhat amusing as he is Canadian, nevertheless he lays out his case and his evidence just fine.

This whole Russian thing is bogus, as all but the most determined consumers of Progressive agitprop know.  It’s a disinformation campaign designed primarily to distract us from the Wikileaks revelations.  And if it serves to help cripple the Trump Administration that’s all to the good, which is to say that it is very bad.

For some reason the Donks overlooked the usual defensive tactics and never denied or repudiated any of those devastating leaks.  Not that it matters much as the Mainstream propaganda machines will never remind you of any of it. Their job is to jump up and down and point to the sputtering Russian squirrel they keep trying – and failing – to ignite.

I am pretty sure that Trump, the ultimate Media gunslinger, will shoot this idiocy down.  And because he’s known for getting a piece of his own back, he’s not going to forget the noxious flame belching crater that was once the DNC we’re all supposed to forget.

We won’t forget.

Communist in all but name – UPDATED

Ann Barnhardt reports on a conversation she overheard while dining.  These are things which our Socialist aristos secret masters elites believe and work for but which they will never tell any of us.  They won’t tell us because if we knew we’d tar and feather them and run them out of town on a rail.  Pay attention, boys and girls, this will be on the test.

N.B. Ann doesn’t use profanity but she does has her own style and manner of speaking. You have been warned.

So, let’s get started.  Everything below is paraphrase.  It was all I could do to keep up the note-taking without it being obvious that I was taking notes on their conversation and not “chatting” with someone on my phone.

Topic 1: Nationalism is bad and must be completely purged from humanity.

The Swiss law professor went on a rant about how “deeply engrained” the scourge of Nationalism is in the human mind, citing Switzerland as his example.  Switzerland contains four separate groups: German, French, Italian and Romansh. And even though it is a tiny country, very politically and socially liberal, with four discreet cultural groups with DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, all the Swiss people STILL, he lamented bitterly, identify as SWISS.  If the Swiss all still have this deep Nationalistic pride and identity, imagine how much harder it will be to purge Nationalism from the Germans, or, THE FRENCH!

Topic 2: Typical woman…

They then started talking about the speakers at the conference.  One was a Dutch female law professor.  “Is she straight?” “Yeah, she’s straight. And she expects to be submitted to because of her gender!”

I laughed out loud.

Topic 3:  Law by Stealth

The fag then began to hold forth on how much appreciated the presentation of the Swiss guy, particularly the tactic of “Law By Stealth”, and how well that concept “fits in with our project”.  Indeed.  Also with Bergoglio’s project.  Law By Stealth.  It’s their own term, kids.  Start using it.  That is what all of this crap is.

Topic 4: Was he a threat?

The fag then asked the table who “the man in the back, with the long hair, that asked the questions” was.  Someone answered, “He’s English”. The fag then asked, “Is he a threat?”  Because people who ask substantive questions are “a threat”.

Topic 5: The Goal Is Global Fascism

The Swiss lawyer, it turns out, also has a private practice. When the Fag started talking about how all “private law” is really just a subset of the “imperial governmental” paradigm, and cited ICANN as his example, the Swiss came right out and said that the only possible model is total global control of all trade and businesses. Global Fascism.  He said the “biggest player” is the “OMNIPOTENT REGULATOR”, which can be the “good company”, that is a company that is fully controlled by and submissive to the state, “that is so powerful” that it becomes the de facto regulator.  His example?  You guessed it: Apple.

Topic 6: Human rights – Fascist style

The Swiss then, in the context of Apple, assured the table that with regards to human rights, “they only do it for the public perception”.  The point being, since Apple is “omnipotent”, they are their own regulator, and they decide what their human rights regulations will be.  Then the grumpy Columbia professor chimed in: Apple absolutely breaks the law in Asia, but we (the former U.S.) are fine with that, because it is all “handled between friends”.  Apple is for the “greater good” – that is the globalist-fascist agenda – so “why not let them flex their power?”

Feeling nauseated yet?

Topic 7: Something minor…

I missed the context of this quote, but I darn sure recorded the punchline.  Someone said, “What are they protecting?” The Swiss replied, “Their sovereignty or something.  Something minor.” And it wasn’t a joke.  He was dead serious.

Topic 8: The flaw in the current EU system is…

The German said, “In terms of the EU, WE DECIDE.”  Yeah, we noticed, Franz.

Then Columbia said, “In joining the EU, didn’t the Danes give legal supremacy to the EU?”

Then the Swiss said, “The Parliament is technically supreme, so the flaw is that there is no supreme EU norm.  Denmark has a constitution, yes, de jure, but it is meaningless, de facto.

Topic 9: Free market competition should only be allowed if I benefit from it personally…

Columbia Commie then started talking about how it cost his $100 to take a cab from JFK airport to Harlem, but if he used Uber, it only cost $35, and thus “I always take Uber.” The Fag then said, “I always take the bus.” Columbia Commie then replied, dripping with sarcasm, “Don’t worry.  I won’t tell. It’s your contribution to the “fight against global warming”. At this, the table exploded into laughter.

Topic 10: We Must Make Our Own State…

The Swiss said, “The solution to all of this is to separate.  We must make our own state.”  At this, the Jew piped up and said, “So, the “Two State Solution?” At which the table again ERUPTED into uproarious laughter. That was the biggest laugh of the night, by far.

She continues in a second post:

Topic 11:  We can’t have law from the “periphery” , right??

Fag:  “It is ridiculous to have law from the periphery, right?”

First, note the echoing of the same Communist vocabulary that Antipope Bergoglio babbles in daily: referring to groups of people as “the periphery”.

Understand that what he means by “periphery” is anyone outside of the Boston-New-York-Washington DC metroplex, and the San Francisco-Los Angels corridor, having any say in anything.  Like, VOTING.  Look at a county-by-county red/blue map of the U.S. It is staggering.  Now, y’all know that I am no Trump fan (read Denninger – read about the mathematical inevitability of having your healthcare expenditures increase and compound by 9% per annum due to the conscious and willful non-enforcement of the law against price-fixing and colluding…), and am still shocked that Trump was allowed to win, but their hatred isn’t just for Trump personally.  It is for anyone that they perceive to be “beneath them” – not of the Ivy League law school coastal  elite.  And the truth is, they’re all trash, and deep down, they know it.  Class is a bearing, a mode of conduct, not a resume, not a designer label, and certainly not a net worth.

Topic 12: So yes, there is a shadow economy, Facebook, Airbnb…

Swiss:  “Yes, there is a shadow economy, like Facebook, Airbnb, because the most important thing is to protect workers – not jobs.” (by “protecting workers” he means protecting the ideology by providing workers with such things as abortion-on-demand and special protections for sex perverts, etc. in service to the ideology, even if this comes at the expense of jobs, or of driving the entire economy into the ground. The ideology is everything – actual people are meaningless.)

Topic 13: Trade in goods will soon be nothing…

Fag:  If in the future, trade in all goods becomes centralized (Global Fascism), trade in goods is nothing….

Entire Table:  “I.T. (Information Technology) is EVERYTHING.  It is a new layer of horizontal law.  Privacy and human rights are irrelevant.  It is now about the COMMODIFICATION OF DATA, and the EU is regulating it, and it affects EVERY ECONOMIC CONSIDERATION.”

Topic 14: We are the archenemy of Trump

Fag:  We are the archenemy of Trump and everything he stands for.  We MUST constrain Trump.  New American “law” must and will be written only by people who have lived outside the U.S. for at least five years!!

Topic 15: What will take Trump down?

Swiss:  So what takes Trump down?

Columbia Commie:  THE SECURITIES ESTABLISHMENT WILL TAKE TRUMP DOWN FIRST AND FOREMOST, IN COOPERATION WITH THE CIA AND FBI.  Private people in the Securities establishment have all kinds of info on Trump.  The best chance is for the Securities industry to declare war on Trump.  They really don’t have to actually prove anything to take him down. But the big fight is between Securities industry and Trump.

—–At this point, I’d like to chime in and say…. TOLDYA!!! I’ve been at war with those psychopaths In the Securities establishment for the better part of a decade now.  They are powerful, they do what they want, and the government/intelligence complex is in bed with them – and not to be explicit, but allow me to use a metaphor to illustrate the point: make no mistake, the Securities establishment is the man in this scenario, and the government/intelligence complex is the 17 year old Guatemalan tranny prostitute working the public restrooms on the I-15.  —-

She promises a third post soon which will be appended when it finally shows up.

And here it is:

Topic 16: Mass Unemployment Caused By Robotic Automation

Swiss:  American car industry is stupid to not go robotic.
Columbia Commie:  Yes. Robots will do most surgeries in the not-too-distant future.  Within a decade, surgeons will only do 10-20 surgeries PER YEAR. Robots will be doing everything soon, and these people are going to wake up one day and say, “Hey, there is no employment anymore…”

(Comment from Ann here.  What this proves is that these people not only know that an employment catastrophe is coming due to automation, but that they want it.  I am convinced that THIS is the real motive behind all of this fake “global warming/climate change” and “overpopulation” propaganda. They know that within a few decades that automation and robotic advances will put a massive percentage of the global workforce out of work.  I think they want to reduce the human population by 80% or more  in order to manage this looming unemployment crisis, which they are happy to see. They are realizing that the only way for them to keep power and control will be to exterminate a large percentage of the human population.)

Topic 17: The Oscars

Columbia Commie:  What this boils down to is the fact that Warren Beatty wasn’t smart enough to READ.

Swiss:  But see, that’s why you became a law professor and not an actor! (Table laughs)

Fag: But see, this was critical because “Moonlight” was about black gays and “LaLa Land” was about whites, so, that’s why this is very important.

Columbia Commie: But no one watches the Oscars anyway. No one watches anymore.

Fag: Except in California.

Topic 18: Saturday Night Live

Columbia Commie: The best thing since the election has been Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Swiss: But it’s not funny.

Columbia Commie: The woman doing the impression of Spicer is very funny…

Topic 19: The enemy of my enemy is my friend…

Swiss:  Trump is going to war with Iran.

Table: Sunni states against Trump are sending terrorists.

Swiss: Yes, this is very reassuring. The Germans are encouraging them. Very, very good thing. It is dangerous because the situation is fragile, but overall it is very good…

Fag: Yes, because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

(I don’t think it gets any clearer than that, folks. As I have been screeching for years, these people view the Islamic political system as its mercenary army, and are consciously using it to advance their agenda without getting their hands dirty – for now.)

Topic 20:  So the Euro was a huge mistake…

Fag: At least the American economy appears to be doing well. France and Germany are the big problem. So the Euro was a huge mistake.

Table:  Yes.  Right.

Swiss: So now we have in France this rhetorical enemy of the Germans. Before the unification, France and West Germany were on the same page. Now they are on opposite sides.  Agenda 2010 boosted the economy for Germany only.

Columbia Commie:  Germany sucked every nickel out of Western Europe. West Germany “pays” for everything in Europe.

Swiss:  West Germany pays pensions for all East Germans.  There is a massive productivity deficit between West and East Germany. Economies that were good before 1933 are still good, like Saxony, and the areas that were economically bad before 1933 are still bad. It is a purely political dynamic.

Fag:  So why move a business to East Germany?

Swiss:  Because it is subsidized by the government.  East Germans themselves say that only those with NO SKILLS remain in East Germany.  In East Germany the labor force is 70% male, 30% female, because clever females move to West Germany immediately, and it has been this way since the reunification.

Swiss continued: Trump reminds me of Nazi popular language.  Nazis were strong as long as they were blue-collar.

Topic 21: Education

Fag: So what is Germany’s manufacturing strength?

Swiss:  Medium-scale car manufacturing with skilled workers.  Understand, Germany was never a truly centralized economy.  Now Germany has vocational school beginning at age 16 for skilled work and trades: electricians, plumbers…

Fag: This is no longer available in the U.S. There are no real vocational schools. So now employers are dependent on the Far East and Arabs for skilled labor. Now they realize they made a mistake.

Swiss:  Yes, the mistake was wanting everyone to go to university.  I graduated in 1967.  Five percent went to university then.  Now 40% go to university, and most of those can’t write a letter.

(Ann:  This proves that they know exactly what the situation is with regards to “education”.  Don’t think they don’t know. That really is the point of this whole conversation. They KNOW.)

Having finished their meal, they got up and left.