Hello, islamophobia!

Those who know anything about Islamic expansionism will be aware that the Saudi Arabian based Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) holds the largest block vote within the UN, and that they are working hard (and spending a lot of money) trying to stop any criticism of Islam in the West.

The OIC, in accordance with sharia law, deems all criticism of Islam to be invalid. It does not matter if it is true or untrue; the mere fact that it is critical is simply not allowed. Period. The buzzword they have come up with to negate our defence against their extremist ideology is ‘Islamophobia’ which of course means an irrational fear of Islam.

This is very clever. By utilising the word Islamophobia they manage to pigeonhole any critics of Islam as being of questionable mental equilibrium – which may not be true initially, but may well be the case after a few years, simply because trying to make sense of this madness must surely drive us slowly insane.

All of which can be found at the website of Liberty GB, which seems to be a new political party forming up in the United Kingdom.  I wish these people all the luck in the world.

One of the things I have noticed over the years is that Left always gives itself away, revealing its own hidden motivations and agenda by projecting them onto others.  If find it totally unsurprising that the Left’s unspoken totalitarian aspirations should embrace the most totalitarian religion on the planet.   No one would dare say, though, that the people who are pushing this islamophobia meme are themselves suffering from either Christianophobia or Christophobia.  Well, OK, I would.

No to guns but “Yes!” to Chicom cyber spies

Bill Gertz over at the Washington Free Beacon details how the Obama administration opted not to act against Chinese government cyber spying two years ago.

President Barack Obama two years ago rejected a series of tough actions against China, including counter-cyber attacks and economic sanctions, for Beijing’s aggressive campaign of cyber espionage against the U.S. government and private businesses networks, according to administration officials.

Meanwhile, China recently issued a veiled threat to the United States about U.S. accusations of Chinese military cyber espionage. China told U.S. officials that continued U.S. public accusations of cyber espionage would render future bilateral discussions unproductive during recent U.S.-China talks following the release of a security firm’s report linking the Chinese military to cyber spying.

. . .

According to administration officials familiar with internal discussions, the options were dismissed as too disruptive of U.S.-China relations.

Go read the whole deal.  Bill Gertz has been an immensely respected reporter on issues of national security for many years.  In age in which “journalist” has a synonym for “Leftist propagandist” Gertz remains, a man unabashedly in favor of a strong America without being jingoistic or obscuring the facts.

Meanwhile, back at the Kevin James ranch . . .

This just in:
Wendy Greuel says she “knows where the bodies are buried” in Los Angeles. That’s because she buried them.
This morning, we released an ad that highlights just a few of the ways that corrupt L.A. politicians like Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti have buried their responsibilities to please the union bosses, redecorate their offices, and keep paying themselves $200K salaries. You can watch the entire video by clicking below:

We need your help now to put an end to the political careers of my opponents, because you can’t solve the city’s problems with the same people who caused them. City Hall is broken, and they broke it. Will you donate $25, $50, $100, or $250 today and help us put an end to special interests at City Hall? My insider opponents are asking for a promotion they haven’t earned. Let’s make sure they don’t get it.
The election is just six days away – we need your support now more than ever. Contributions to our campaign up to $500 are matched 2-to-1 by the City of Los Angeles, so your contribution of any size will make a huge impact. Thanks for your support.

. . . or maybe we can

Over at the Belmont Club Richard Fernandez comments on the internecine warfare that has recently erupted among Republicans upon Karl Rove’s announcement of his Conservative Victory Project.  It can be argued that all this is terrible and we are tearing ourselves apart when we should be sticking together, thereby undermining the Republican brand.  Certainly our ‘friends’ in the media would have us believe that (always willing to give us sage advice, they are, bless their pointed little heads).

I disagree somewhat with that analysis.  We just got our backsides handed to us in an election that we should have won handily despite the usual Democrat dirty tricks.  This is precisely the time for the Party to get together, figure out what happened and hash out solutions.  That, I believe, is exactly what is going on.  We lost in part because, yes, the dirty tricks were more pervasive and better coordinated than usual, but more to the point, we lost because the Republican Party had not yet completed the discussion we are now having.  We absolutely need this discussion, no matter how unpleasant and heated it may at times get.  In fact, the more forthright and passionate, the better.  When it is done we will have clarified our vision, purified our principles and fortified our political resolve.

It might be argued that we really don’t have time for this, the crisis in NOW!  We gotta do something right now before it’s too late!  No we don’t.  We’ve already put this off for two cycles and if we don’t do it now we will have put it off for three cycles and be, not only no nearer to resolving the crisis, but deeper in it.  One thing I’ve learned in my life is that there is always time to do it right the second time, or in this case, the third time.  Let’s not make it the fourth time, we might not get the chance.

But the Democrats are advancing their agenda by leaps and bounds!  Uh-uh, not so much.  There are still powerful checks to their ambitions.  But they’re united and we’re running Chinese fire drills!  Yes and no.  The Democrats are by nature collectivists, we individualists.  They will always try to put up a solid front, it is part of their modus operandi.  Note, please that their front is cracking, not starting to crack, cracking, and will ultimately collapse.  Their whole political machine runs on payola funded by tax dollars.  A big part of their problem is that as the boodle dries up they can’t quite make the payoffs they’ve promised.  This is a trend that they are utterly unequipped to reverse, their own rapacity guarantees it.

Lincoln expressed it admirably: a house divided cannot stand.  The Republican house has been divided for a long time.  This fight is about the principles of unity that can, and will, restore the Party and the Nation.  Let’s not fear to get on with the first so we can get on with the second.

We can do no other

Over at the New Republican they have a list, “What we believe.”

Pretty impressive list, if you ask me (if Rumsfeld can ask and answer his own questions, so can I.), there is nothing here that I can’t get behind.  The best part is that they take traditional, American mainstream ideas and couch them in language that appeals to today’s citizen.  Here’s a sample:

  1. We believe in freedom.
  2. We believe in the Constitution.
  3. We believe freedom incentivizes ordinary people to do extraordinary things and that makes America an exceptional nation.
  4. We believe in freedom nationally and values locally.
  5. We don’t believe old, top-down, industrial-age government becomes a good idea just because it agrees with us or because we are running it.

All of them are similarly pungent and hard-hitting.  My personal favorite:

62. We believe in creating abundance, not redistributing scarcity.

Amen.  Here I stand.

Obama’s EEOC: We’ll Sue You If You Don’t Hire Criminals

The Obama administration’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says it should be a federal crime to refuse to hire ex-convicts — and threatens to sue businesses that don’t employ criminals.
In April the EEOC unveiled its “Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records,” which declares that “criminal record exclusions have a disparate impact based on race and national origin.”

The impetus for this “guidance” is that black men are nearly seven times more likely than white men to serve time in prison, and therefore refusals to hire convicts disproportionally impact blacks, according to a Wall Street Journal opinion piece by James Bovard, a libertarian author and lecturer whose books include “Freedom in Chains: The Rise of the State  and the Demise of the Citizen.”

Richard Riordan endorses Kevin James in L.A. mayor’s race

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan endorsed Kevin James in the mayor’s race Friday, a major coup for the Republican candidate who is seeking to capture conservative votes.

Riordan, who is one of the most prominent Republican leaders in Los Angeles, praised James as the only candidate who isn’t beholden to labor unions.

Riordan has warned repeatedly that the city could face bankruptcy if it doesn’t rein in its employee costs, a claim that some mayoral candidates,
including City Councilman Eric Garcetti, have dismissed as overblown.

Kevin James has used Riordan’s favorable quotes in his campaign
literature but until now had not secured Riordan’s official support.